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Bosch ACS611 R134A Air Conditioning Station

Bosch ACS511 R134A Air Conditioning Station Bosch ACS611 R134A Air Conditioning Station

Bosch ACS611 R134A Air Conditioning Station

The ACS 611 is one of the most advanced air conditioning service units for cars and trucks. Like all completely automated Bosch units, it is designed to carry out the maintenance of R-134a-based air conditioning systems with a minimum of manual intervention.

The unit automatically controls every phase of maintenance, including oil and coolant recovery, recycling and refilling without needing direct intervention from a technician. However, the manual mode allows the user to control all aspects individually if so desired. The powerful, two-phase vacuum pump of the ACS 611 assures quick and effective evacuation of the system and, as with all Bosch units, it comes equipped with a data base to provide the necessary oil and coolant quantities for the vehicle's air conditioner. The ACS 611 also has an integrated printer to create detailed reports.

As an alternative for garages with low service levels, we offer our ACS 511 model, which has a less powerful compressor yet still meets the requirements for a professional A/C service and without any compromise to the high quality one expects from Bosch units.

  • Quick access or detail mode possible
  • Automated management of recovery and recycling
  • Manual or automated use
  • Multi-phase recycling
  • Programmable vacuum phase
  • Automated re-filling
  • Integrated, guided pressure test for the system
  • Automated oil recovery and filling
  • Automated UV dye injection
  • Automated removal of non-condensable gasses
  • Programmable maintenance
  • Multi-lingual software
  • Intelligent filling quantity control
  • Integrated flushing program
  • Data transfer with Smart Key


£2595.00 + VAT
P/No. : acs611
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£2295.00 + VAT
P/No. : acs511
Currently Unavailable
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Technical Data

  ACS 611 ACS 511
Refrigerant R-134a R-134a
Unit for recovery, Recycling and refilling Completely automated Completely automated
Flushing kit Optional kit Optional kit
Electronic database Standard Standard
AC performance test Yes Yes
Electricity supply 230 V 50/60 Hz 230 V 50/60 Hz
CE mark Yes Yes
SAE J2788 standard
Manual processing mode Yes Yes
Automated leak test Yes Yes
Automated oil drain With electronic scales With electronic scales
Automated oil injection With electronic scales With electronic scales
Automated UV dye injection Yes Yes
Manometer 80 mm class 1 80 mm class 1
Tank manometer 40 mm 40 mm
Service hoses 244 cm / SAE J2196 244 cm / SAE J2196
LCD display with background lighting Yes / 80 digits Yes / 80 digits
User guide 20 languages 20 languages
Printer Yes Yes
Hermetic high performance compressor 1/3 HP 1/4 HP
Vacuum pump 170 l/min 70 l/min
Internal supply tank 20 kg 8 kg
Precision of the scales +/– 5 g +/– 5 g
Oil bottle 2x 250 ml 2x 250 ml
High performance dry filter 710 cc 300 cc
Recycling multi-pass Automatic Automatic
Power 800 W 550 W
Working temperature +10°C – 50°C +10°C – 50°C
Humidity 20 – 75% 20 – 75%
Transport and storage temperature - 25°C – 60°C - 25°C – 60°C
Dimensions 1270 × 690 × 660 1270 × 690 × 660
Weight 120 kg approx. with empty tank 90 kg approx. with empty tank