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AD100Pro - Introduction to Key Programming


Introduction to Key Programming

Since approximately 1996 vehicle manufacturers have increased the security of their vehicles by the introduction of transponder vehicle keys. This involves the inclusion of a small transponder chip placed in the ignition keys. When the keys are presented to the ignition switch the transponder communicates with an aerial around the ignition switch and identifies it as the correct key for the vehicle. If the correct key is presented the vehicle immobiliser system communicates with the vehicle ECU (electronic control unit) and allows the vehicle engine to be started.

The inclusion of transponders into vehicle keys means that whenever a new key is required the new keys require programming into the vehicle ECU memory. Most vehicles require any additional key to be programmed using a diagnostic tester, Some vehicles have a master key or keys that are required to enable programming to take place, when these master keys are lost or not passed on to the new owner the vehicle requires connecting to a diagnostic tester held only by the vehicle manufacturers dealer, until the launch of the AD100.

Since 1996, unless you have an AD100Pro programmer, you have been unable to carry out this task, resulting in the vehicle having to be returned to the manufacturers agent for programming, this often involves recovery of the vehicle to the garage and a long and expensive cure.

The latest types of keys cannot now be copied, which means even the simple task of supplying an extra key is now impossible for anyone without the ability to program the key into the vehicle security system with a diagnostic tester.

The AD100Pro key programming tester enables Locksmiths and Diagnostic specialists to once again carry out this work. The hand held tester allows you to program new keys into the vehicle, while the customer waits, even by the side of the road

Key Programming Brochure