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AD100Pro Technical Specification


Product Features

Enhancing the highly successful AD100, was not easy, however the AD100Pro extends the boundaries even further.

The AD100Pro now benefits from a large LCD touch screen/versatile keypad for easy navigation/selection, and a USB interface for fast software downloads.

AD100Pro has been designed with simplicity in mind and the variety of adaptors required for AD100Pro have been integrated within simple colour coded dongles that configures the tester, thus reducing the quantity of cables required.

Although only fitted to a few US vehicles at present, a new vehicle interface ‘Single Wire CAN’ has been added to the AD100Pro, along with all the standard interfaces, plus the CCD and VPW protocols.

Combined with enhanced security and increased memory capacity, the AD100Pro positions itself as the leading transponder key programming tool in the world.

Software Features

  • Reads Fault Codes
  • Clears Fault Codes 
  • Displays Live Data
  • Component Actuation
  • Reads Immobiliser ECU ID's 
  • Reads Mechanical Key Codes
  • Clears Key Memories 
  • Programs New Keys
  • Extracts Immobiliser Pincodes 
  • ECU Identification
  • ECU, Immobiliser Learn Coding 
  • Reads EKA Codes 
  • Programs New EKA Codes 
  • Programs Plip Keys

Technical Specification

  • USB serial interface
  • 320x240 Graphical LCD, backlit touch screen 
  • 64Meg Memory
  • Enhanced security
  • Internet software upgrades
  • User ID password protection
  • 12V powered from vehicle
  • CAN BUS Protocol interface
  • Single wire CAN protocol interface

Delivery Specification

  • AD100PRO Handheld tester
  • Carrying Case
  • Power / software loading lead
  • Operating Manual
  • Specific softwares purchased
  • Vehicle Specific Dongles
  • Smartcard Security Calculator 
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Online Forum and 12 months Technical support
  • AD100Pro Basic Training courses (optional at additional cost)


The security of the AD100Pro is of great importance to us. If the unit should fall into the wrong hands it can be a powerful asset to a vehicle thief.

Every AD100Pro has an individual serial number and a record is kept of each owner.

The AD100Pro has a user ID protection, before the AD100Pro will operate a 6-digit code must be entered, after a few incorrect attempts, the AD100Pro corrupts the memory and has to be returned for reprogramming.

When purchasing new software, the system will only upgrade if the tester is of the correct serial number. Therefore if the tester falls into the incorrect hands, the unit can never be upgraded.