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Carman Scan VG64 Diagnostic Tester

Carman Scan VG64 Diagnostic Tester

Carman Scan VG64 Diagnostic Tester Purchase Software

The Carman Scan VG64 is a high quality, premium brand, PC based, Asian vehicle diagnostic platform with the addition of European, American and Australian software.


  • Windows based PC, 512MB DD Ram, 80GB Hard drive storage
  • PCM Li-ion internal battery, operable for about 1 hour
  • 7” full colour LCD touch screen 800 x 400 pixel with VGA out
  • 4 channel scope, multi-meter and secondary waveforms
  • Communication via host USB1.1, USB2.0 Client LAN, RS232
  • Canbus ready


  • Pictorial & text diagnostic socket location
  • Large range and depth of software Korea, Asian, European, USA & Australian
  • Menu vehicle selection, auto ECU scan, General search

Scan Functions

  • EMS, Airbag, ABS, Body control, Dashboard, Chassis, Comfort, Immobiliser,, Diesel, etc
  • Self diagnosis, fault code read, store and clear
  • Live data display, digital, graphic, min & max & store
  • Actuator test and activation
  • Flight record
  • Service light reset, warning light reset, Coding and adaptation.

Scope Functions

  • 4 channel scope, auto scaling, infinitely variable
  • Secondary ignition by single or multi cylinder
  • Sensor simulation
  • Save, review & print
  • Multi-meter, graphical and digital
  • Voltage, Current, Frequency, Duty, Pressure, Resistance, temperature

Information Functions

  • Sort by trouble, step by step diagnostic trouble shooting
  • Sort by part, specification, system layout, test procedures, outputs and patterns
  • Vehicle specific vehicle wiring diagrams
  • Scope min / max and correct pattern information
  • Ideal for training and system configuration review


  • Near OE software for Hyundai / Kia
  • Near OE level on Asian applications
  • Additional software, European, USA, Australian
  • Update via internet
  • No time out software
  • No software “catch up” charges.

Software Pricing
(New purchases of this tester come with 24 months free software)

12 months Software £ 395.00
24 months Software £ 705.00

Software Updates

Existing owners of the Carman Scan VG64 can purchase and update their software by visiting our Carman Scan Software Page.


The full list of applications can be found in the Downloads section.

Kit Contents

Kit Contents
  • Windows PC Based diagnostic tablet
  • Complete set of early Asian vehicle diagnostic cables
  • Comprehensive Scope connection kit including secondary ignition pick up
  • High quality metal carrying case
  • Operating Manual
  • Accessory leads, AC/DC power cable, upload lead, Cigar cable