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EOBD Code Breaker - Diagnostic Fault Codes

EOBD Code Breaker - Diagnostic Fault Codes
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An Essential Book

An essential book for anyone dealing with modern vehicle diagnostics, servicing and repair.

This 'must have' book covers over 2700 EOBD/ISO codes, including P0, P2, P3 and U-codes,in 367 information packed pages.

  • Huge range of codes
  • In-depth component / system description
  • Meaningful description & quick check
  • Understanding fault codes / definitions
  • Sensor actuator & component checks
  • Component locations
  • 367 pages of fantastic information

One of the main problems with vehicle diagnostics is the lack of clarity or information that can be gained from the fault code definition when a fault code is retrieved.

Since the mandatory use of EOBD codes was implemented for year 2000 onwards, workshops are therefore exposed to over 9 years of production vehicles fitted with EOBD systems. The good thing is that there is a consistency of fault codes and definitions across all makes. However, it has also become obvious that because the codes apply to all makes (and therefore numerous different vehicle models), the fault code definitions cannot be vehicle or system specific.

There are exceptions e.g. where a vehicle manufacturer can request a code for a specific component / system that is unique, but in general, a code or code definition is generic across all makes.

The EOBD code definitions function as a guide to a fault, but they cannot be regarded as the final diagnostic conclusion; and with close to 3000 EOBD fault codes, the problem of incorrect interpretation is vast.

The Code Breaker book has been produced to provide a meaningful description against more than 2700 EOBD fault codes, along with a description of the applicable component or system. In addition, there is a "Quick Check" which provides a guide to a series of checks or tests that should be carried out and, in many cases, a reference is provided that directs the technician to a more detailed series of checks and tests that are contained within the book.

Other chapters in the book provide an understanding of how the faults are recognised by the ECU and a detailed explanation of the more commonly used fault code descriptions / definitions.

With over 360 pages of valuable information, the Code Breaker is the ideal workshop reference to EOBD fault codes and meanings.

Recommended by : Retail Motor Industry Federation

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