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Dec Superscan 3 - Screenshots & Videos

Dec Superscan 3 Presentation

Dec Superscan 3 Video Demonstartions - Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Vehicle Selection | ECU Selection
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
  • Intro to MechNet & Knowledge Items
  • (15 minutes)

Dec Superscan 3 Video Demonstartions - Part 2

  • More on DTCs and MechNet
  • Live Data display| Panel view
  • Graphing | Recording
  • Snapshot saving & Comparison
  • Live Data Knowledge Items (KI) |Live Data Triggers
  • (12 mins)

Dec Superscan 3 Video Demonstartions - Part 2

  • Special Functions | Saving & Comparing
  • Coding Global Database
  • Tips & Tricks | Reports & Printing
  • Global DTC Read & Erase
  • Customer Management | Preferences
  • (13 mins)

Main Screen

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Main Screen
Completely Redesigned

User interface and software have been completely re-built, from the ground up, taking into account years of experience and feedback.


The user interface is completely resizable and will also scale its content to make the best possible use of your screen real estate.


Main menu is divided into four areas:

  • Diagnosis: Vehicle diagnosis
  • MechNet: Online and peer to peer collaboration
  • Customers: Customer relationship management
  • Configure: Software & Superscan configuration.

Diagnosis– Vehicle Selection & Vehicle Creation

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Vehicle Selection
Fast Access

Last six diagnosed vehicles shown for direct connection to the vehicle, including a direct short-cut to the last ECU diagnosed on each of the cars.

Vehicle Search

Gives you the possibility to search the local vehicle database and a global vehicle database allowing instant knowledge of the vehicle’s ECU and diagnosis history.

Simple & Powerful

Adding a new vehicle is extremely easy, requiring the user to only select the manufacturer and write the VIN or an identifier such as the number plate for future reference. This simple task gives the possibility of maintaining the vehicle’s diagnosis history and reference values.

ECU Selection

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester ECU Selection
Exact Vehicle Representation

Know exactly what your vehicle has. No guesswork or bad calls involved. Launch a complete vehicle scan just once and the software will know what ECUs are present each time you go back and work with that particular vehicle, greatly reducing diagnosis time (eliminates auto-detection or manual selection on successive connections to any ECU).

Mass DTC Reading & Erasing

Read and/or clear the DTCs from all the identified ECUs with just a single click.

Special Functions Search
Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Special Functions Search

Carry out a Special Function without knowing in which ECU it should be done. Searching for Special Functions allows you to and where a Special Function should be performed, be taken directly to it and either perform it or and out more information about it.

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Category Filtering
Category Filtering

Once you have identified the ECUs you want, either manually or with a vehicle scan, you can hide the categories with no ECU for faster switching between the available ECUs.

ECU Diagnosis - Trouble Codes– DTCS

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Read & Erase Codes Easily
Read & Erase Codes Easily

Every code that pops-up gets recorded to the database, allowing you to see them even when they are no longer present in the ECU.

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Historic DTCs
Historic DTCs

View historically recorded DTCs from previous diagnosis sessions, even months after the car has returned to your workshop.

ECU Diagnosis - Live Data

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Live Data

View much more information at the same time with the new grid view. Start & Stop parameter monitoring on the fly, in the order you wish and with the parameters you want.

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Live Data
Panel View

Prefer graphics or want to monitor a parameter from distance? Switch to panel view and view graphics (when possible) in real time with the possibility to freeze them to see the exact value of each parameter at any given moment.


Take a snapshot of all available parameters and save them to the database if you wish. Later on, you can compare the saved values to others from the same vehicle or other vehicles with the same ECU. The software will highlight in real time, the values that are different.

Flight Recording

Choose the parameters you want and hit the record button. The software will capture and save every value, allowing you to replay time and again what has just happened in both Grid and Panel modes.

Parameters Search

Scrolling through an endless list of parameters? Search by text or by unit for the parameters you need to work with and directly start monitoring them.

ECU Diagnosis - Special Functions – Coding & Programming

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Coding & Programming
Powerful ECU Coding

SS3 has all the Coding features that other scanners just can't seem to achieve. One of the original features that sets the Superscan apart.

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Coding & Programming
Save & Compare

Save all the Special Function's values into the database so you can compare them and see what has changed, or use it as guideline when configuring new ECUs. You can also compare the values with the same ECU from other vehicles or even download them from DEC Automotive.

ECU Diagnosis - Actuators

Dec Superscan 3 Diagnostic Tester Actuators

Test Components in real-time via ECU Activation. Quickly tests for switch side or ECU side faults.