Supplier References

  • OE Part Number 6554YL
  • Advanced Keys Part Number AKRM15
  • 3D Group Part Number PER4c
  • NW Keys Part Number PUG-NWKS34
  • Aldridge Security Part Number L25375


  • Peugeot 206 2001 - 2006

Technical Specifications

  • Genuine 2 Button Peugeot Remote with Badge
  • Transponder ID46(PH20) PCF7936
  • Use AKK51 Blade
  • Without Fog Lights K1
  • The remote uses KP12 Battery
  • This remote can be made using KD900 with NB Series remotes you will need to add KDNE73 Blade
  • Can be programmed using SmartPro - Software ADS2105 Cable ADC2000 under system by vehicle BSI2
  • Can be programmed using AD100Pro / MVPPro - Software ADS105 Cable ADC250 Dongle A ADC154 under system by vehicle BSI2
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