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Mahle FluidPRO ATX 190 Gearbox Oil Service

Mahle FluidPRO ATX 190 Gearbox Oil Service

Mahle FluidPRO ATX 190 Gearbox Oil Service

According to the Mercedes-Benz service manual, the automatic transmission oil must be changed regularly. The MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 190 meets all requirements and is developed for Mercedes-Benz and approved by Mercedes-Benz.

The rinsing of the gearbox as well as the replacement of the oil with the MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 190 is therefore carried out for service operation:

  • exactly according to the process specified by Mercedes-Benz
  • fully automated
  • simple, clean and fast

With the right equipment, gearbox flushing is an easy task

  • Simple and intuitive operation guides you quickly and completely through the automatic service including step-by-step instructions through the manufacturer-specific cleaning process.
  • Comfortable gearbox flushing and complete oil replacement is carried out exactly according to Mercedes-Benz specifications.
  • The rinse only with oil - no use of additives.
  • Remote app supports productivity in the workshop.
  • Visualisation of the process steps directly on the device display or via app on your smartphone, whether you are in front of or in the vehicle.
  • Quick change of oil variety through replaceable oil canisters and ensuring oil grade purity through internal rinsing process (zero-cross).
  • Automatic detection and adaptation to flow direction.

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Technical Specification

Control Software-controlled with 4.1“ color display and keypad
Rinse filter MAHLE Filter for rinsing/cleaning and new oil supply
Sight glasses Visual inspection of oil quality
Filter check Permanent filter monitoring and indication of impending change
Zero-Cross self-cleaning after oil grade change
Hoses 2 x 3 m (service hoses), 1 x 2.5 m (for draining the waste oil)
Quick couplings Direct connection to the orig. Mercedes-Benz rinsing adapter
Software Update USB Type A (with USB 2.0 key)
Top grid collected residual oil quantities are weighed
Oil pump Oil pump 2 x hydraulic oil pumps of 10 l/min each; PWM - Pulse Width Modulated
Tool tray Stable metal box for adapters, tools, etc.
Menu languages DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, PL, PT, RU, SR, BG, CS, EL, FI, HU, NL
Power supply 110/230 V, 50-60Hz
Service USB Typ B (Direct PC Connection)
Smartphone App FluidPRO® ATX Remote Viewer
Dimensions/ weight (H X B X T) 121 x 74 x 74 cm, 75 kg