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Auto Mini Jump Starter

Auto Mini Jump Starter

A Small, Lightweight and Powerful Power Pack

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The Auto Mini Jump Starter is an incredibly powerful device, in a very small package. Measuring just 160mm x 75mm x 28mm, this device has the power to START YOUR CAR, should your car battery become discharged. And it can do this 20 times before needing to be recharged itself!

In addition, this little powerhouse is capable of charging and powering any mobile phone, tablet, camera, Bluetooth headset, GPS navigation system or any other device powered by USB.

And there's more...

This versatile device is also equipped with a powerful LED light that offers 3 lighting modes, including SOS.

This is an excellent device to keep in your vehicle for emergency starts and for charging your devices.


  • Size : 160mm x 75mm x 28mm
  • Weight : 430g
  • Battery Capacity : 14000mAh
  • Output : 5V/2A, 12V/2A, 19V/3.5A
  • Input : 12V/1A
  • Full Charging Time : 4 Hours
  • Starting Current : 200A
  • Peak Current : 400A
  • Operating Temperature : -20°c - 60°c


  • Emergency Vehicle Starter
  • Mobile Device Charging
  • Emergency Roadside Light
  • Camping Light
Auto Mini Jump Starter

Suitable For

  • Petrol and Diesel Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Small Boats
Auto Mini Jump Starter

Kit Contents

  • Start Charger Unit
  • 240V Mains Charger
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • Battery Crocodile Clips
  • 8 x Power Adapter Plugs for Devices
  • Micro USB Adapter
  • Mini USB Adapter
  • iPhone / iPad Adapter
  • Standard USB A Adapter
  • Zipped Case
Auto Mini Jump Starter


As well as the above 14000mAh jump starter, we have a 8000mAh device available. This device is suitable for petrol cars only (not diesel), and can still charge your portable devices.

Special Offer
Normal Price £99.00
Only £79.00 + VAT
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