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Texa Konfort 720R Air Conditioning Station

Bosch ACS511 R134A Air Conditioning Station
Texa Konfort 720R Air Conditioning Station

Texa Konfort 720R (R134A or R1234yf) Air Conditioning Station

Only £2395.00 + VAT
P/No. : texa720r
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The basic service station for both refrigerant types

The KONFORT 720R is designed to service all car, commercial, HGV and tractor air conditioning systems.

Despite its highly competitive purchase price, the 720R delivers all the advanced technology and stylish design of the KONFORT range. The KONFORT 720R is equipped with automatic refrigerant recovery and recycling and oil drainage functions.

Quantities of oil and UV tracer are controlled by an automatic valve system. The operator therefore only has a few simple tasks to carry out. The 720R can be purchased configured either for the old R134a refrigerant or the new R1234yf refrigerant.


  • R134a and R1234yf compatible
  • High visibility, 4x20 character, blue backlit LCD screen
  • DATABASE/SERVICE management via SD card
  • Rotating gauge display group
  • 12 Kg tank
  • Dual stage vacuum pump
  • Charging accuracy +/- 15gr
  • High efficiency refrigerant recovery (above 95%)
  • Automatic oil injection (timed function)
  • Service hose double valve manual control
  • Multi-lingual software coverage
  • Automatic precise oil measurement check (patented)
  • Automatic service alert
  • Simplified service
  • Automatic non condensable management

Functioning Modes

  • Database
  • Customised Service
  • My Database

Hydraulic System Flushing

In order to guarantee safety and efficiency, it is important that each type of oil and refrigerant are not cross contaminated. TEXA have therefore developed a special automatic flushing function to clean the internal circuits of the service station.

Fan Protection System

The new R1234yf refrigerant has been classified as being ‘highly flammable’ and this must be acknowledged by the operator. The KONFORT 700 series air conditioning service stations adopts a high efficiency redundant fan system to eliminate any possible refrigerant build up within the unit.

Automatic Leak Detection Management

The KONFORT 700 series units automatically carry out a dual leak detection check. All safety related operations take place automatically in order to eliminate errors.

Operating Software

TEXA operating software conforms to the strictest requirements of accuracy and precision.

Any possible faults or messages are displayed via detailed error messages. TEXA software manages the recovery and service processes, in order to guarantee precession that was previously unknown.

In particular, the automatic procedures assist the operator with repairs on highly sophisticated systems, such as those fitted on the new hybrid vehicles. All models have a removable SD card which allows communication with a Windows PC to update vehicle make and model database, check and certify all services and potential software updates.


Climate Control Efficiency Kit

The new KONFORT air conditioning service station models offer an optional climate control efficiency kit module, which allows ambient and vent temperatures to be measured. Once the test has been carried out, the KONFORT unit provides a detailed performance report.

Vehicle Flushing Kit

Flushing is the mechanical operation carried out to clean the air conditioning system components of a vehicle. This includes:

  • A supplementary 6lt capacity tank with a contamination indicator
  • A stainless steel filter which is easily removable for cleaning
  • 5mm diameter hoses flushing hose
  • Universal adapter case


TEXA has developed a VDC interface (Variable Displacement Compressor) which allows air conditioning system with variable cylinder compressor to be tested. The VDC allows the technician to intervene and modify the compressor control signal through the Konfort service station, to test the functionality of the system.

Thermal Printer

The KONFORT 720R can also be equipped with a practical and functional thermal printer. This extremely useful option lets you print out a small report of the work performed at the end of the service. The report lists details like the quantity of refrigerant recovered, the type of oil injected into the system and the final pressure in the A/C system after servicing.