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Zed-BULL Transponder Machine

Zed-BULL Transponder Machine

The Most Advanced Transponder Equipment Available

The Zed-Bull offers exceptional opportunities to clone a huge range of today's vehicle keys, quickly and simply.

In addition, the system can be extended to offer additional benefits when working with transponders and programming keys and remotes.

The Zed-Bull can also be extended to cover a huge range of eeprom software applications, enabling keys to be cloned from the vehicle memory.

Main Features

  • Transponder Identification
  • Transponder Cloning
  • Transponder Production
  • PC Software & Database
  • Remote Programming Instructions
  • Reads Pincodes from Key Heads

Optional Features

  • Stand-alone 4D and ID46 Cloning
  • Pincode Reading Direct from Vehicle
  • Key Programming Module for Various Vehicles
  • Eeprom Reading / Writing Program
  • Zed-Prog In-Circuit Eeprom Reader / Writer

Kit Contents

  • Zed-Bull programmer
  • Security log-in card
  • PC USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • 12V cigar lighter adapter
  • Operating manual on PC software
  • Transponder box


Width 285 mm
Height 285 mm
Depth 105 mm
Weight 0.6 kg
Power Consumption 250V 50/60Hz AC
Adapter Type 9-12V DC
Frequencies Covered 125-134Khz
Communication USB & Serial Port
Temperature Range -5°c to 40 °c>

Purchase Options

Zed-Bull CLONE

This package is ideal for users that just want to clone keys. The Zed-Bull will clone keys either standalone or via a PC internet connection to a huge range of keys. One of the major benefits is that the Zed-Bull uses the lowest cost transponders and standard keys from a range of manufacturers.

Only £1095.00 + VAT
P/No. : zedbullclone
Currently Unavailable
Lease From £5.94 Per Week
Click Here for Details
  • PC software and database
  • Identification of ALL Transponders including 8C
  • Shows Lock Status
  • Clone or Copy Fixed 11, 12, 13, 33, 73, T5
  • Clone or Copy Fixed 4C to EH2, TPX1 or Z4C
  • Clone or Copy Crypto 40(Some) 41, 42, 44 (unlocked), 45
  • Clone or Copy Crypto 4D to EH2 or TPX2
  • Clone or Copy Crypto 46 to TK60 or TPX3
  • Database of Keys & Customer Information
  • Transponder Catalogue
  • Transponder Cross Reference List
  • 240V or 12V Use In Vehicle If Required
  • Easily Updated Online
  • Remote Programming Procedures
  • Enables TPX2s to be reused
  • Recharge BMW remote batteries
  • Radio security codes on Fiat vehicles

Zed-Bull Specialist Upgrade

This package gives the additional benefits of transponder specialist. Transponder specialist suits anyone involved in vehicle key programming or wanting to manipulate transponders.

Only £595.00 + VAT
P/No. : zedbullsupgrade
Currently Unavailable
  • Enables existing keys and remotes to be virginised
  • Transponder Production from blank 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 73, 61, 62, 65, 67, 68
  • Transponder Test Function
  • Read Pincode From 33 & 4D
  • Renault Read Pincode From 45 Peugeot Keys
  • Produce Mercedes 33 Rolling Transponders
  • Shows Details from Transponders
  • Generates Random Logic
  • Unlock 48 ID Transponder
  • Unlock 48CAN ID Transponder
  • Test & Reset 4D Transponders
  • Unlock Honda ID46
  • Convert ID46 Biphone - password


Zed-Bull Application List


To see the full Zed-Bull feature list, please see the features page.


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