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Zed-Bull Transponder Machine - Downloads

Downloads for the Zed-Bull

Please select from the following available downloads for the Zed-Bull.

Initial Setup Files

Zed-Bull Software Loading Instructions

Windows .Net Framework 3.5

Zed-Bull PC Software 7.2.8

Zed-Bull Videos

Loading Tokens onto your Zed-Bull

Other Documents

Zed-Bull Application List

Zed-Bull Manuals

The Zed-Bull manual is now available within the latest Zed-Bull PC software (within the 'Help' menu).

Zed-Bull VAG-F Instruction Manual

Software Updates Files

Right-Click your required file, then select "Save Target As".

Renault OBD-A Update V1.12

Opel OBD-B Version Update V1.15

Opel OBD-B2 Version Update V2.08

Chevrolet OBD-C Update V1.06

Fiat OBD-D Update V1.05

Ford OBD-E Update V1.20

VAG OBD-F Update V1.16

Zed-PROG Updates

Right-Click your required file, then select "Save Target As".

Zed-Prog Update V1.09


Zed-BULL PC Driver

Zed-Prog Driver

Renault OBD-A Driver

Opel OBD-B Driver

Chevrolet OBD-C Driver

Fiat OBD-D Driver

Ford OBD-E Driver

VAG OBD-F Driver