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Zed-BULL - Eeprom Programming

Eeprom Software Database

This package extends the Zed-Bull to offer the ability to create transponders from the vehicle eeprom memory.

Only £595.00 + VAT
P/No. : zedbulleeprom
Currently Unavailable
  • 100 different applications - huge range of cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Enables pincodes to be read from immobiliser or ECU by eeprom or Microprocessor removal
  • Programs transponders ready to start vehicle
  • Automatic module recognition for immobiliser
  • Detailed pictures of immobiliser boxes & boards
  • Detailed pictures of programming adapters
  • Schematics for eeproms & processors
  • Vehicle make and model applications
  • Details on original transponder & blank to use
  • Renault system 1 remote & transponder programming
  • Detailed writing programmer for transponders
  • GM radio codes from eeprom
  • Motorola MCU type from mask number
  • Ideal for the professional Auto Locksmith

Please note, EEPROM reading & desoldering equipment or Zed-PROG also required.

Please also see theĀ Zed-Prog Eeprom Reader

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