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Zed-Bull Customer Testimonials

Alcester Locks

"We bought our Zed-Bull machine 9 months ago to extend the capabilities we already had using our Silca RW4."

"At first I was dubious as to how much, if at all, the Zed-Bull would improve our service and therefore justify its cost. However the time and money that this machine saves us still continiues to impress me."

"From obvious time savers such as cloning Ford transponders to the Z4C and TPX2 chips alllowing us to supply a customer with a genuine 3 button remote in 5 minutes instead of the possible hour it can take when programming with diagnostic equipment through complex coded software."

"We are also able to keep much less stock on the shelf, as the facility to generate transponders as required is a great help to us."

"Also, we have been delighted with the VAG group facilities this machine offers. Using the simple key programming process via the VAG cable, to unlocking second hand keys that customers bring into us (for a small charge of course)."

"With the constant development of the Zed-Bull, making it the benchmark machine in the transponder marketplace, and the excellent support you provide, we have been able to extend our key programming business and keep ahead of the competition."

"Thank you and keep up the great work".

Peter Jones (Director) 
Alcester Locks