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Zed-FULL Mega Pack

Zed-FULL Immobilser Solution

The Zed-FULL Mega Pack

The Zed-FULL Mega Pack offers a huge discount for customers that want to purchase a complete package of Zed-FULL accessories to enable the majority of features to be achieved.

The package also includes the opportunity for one person to attend the 2 Day Zed-FULL Training Course.

The package includes 5 x one day LIFS, so customers can practice without incurring costs. The first 500 credits are also included in the Mega Pack.

Only £5695.00 + VAT
P/No. : zedfullmega
Lease From £30.88 Per Week
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SAVE £1,762.00

Equipment Normal Price
Zed-FULL £3595.00
500 Credits £250.00
5 Daily LIFS £129.00
Programming Kit £299.00
Cloning Kit £845.00
Eepromming Kit £899.00
Emulating Kit £245.00
Transponder Starter Kit £795.00
2 Day Training Course £400.00
Total Normal Price £7,457.00