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Beissbarth MS900 Tyre Changer

Tyre fitting for every kind of demand

Innovative and professional tire changing

Automatic tyre changer which assures a fast effortless tyre changing.


Beissbarth MS900 Tyre Changer

Automatic Leverless Tyre Changer

30“ automatic leverless tire changer which assures a fast effortless tire changing. Intuitive with high level of technology, this equipment make the job simple as you’ve never seen. By placing two laser pointers the machine recognizes the dimension of the wheel. Completely electromechanic, all movements are driven by motor inverters to guarantee precision and reliability.

  • High volume workshops
  • 30” automatic leverless tire changer
  • Easy and precise locking system
  • Unique tooling system
  • Inverter solution
  • 2 laser pointers for wheel set up
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Side lift
  • Completely electromechanic
  • WDK approved

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