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Beissbarth High Runner Wheel Balancers

Fast and accurate wheel balancing for any kind of demand

Precise and accurate wheel balancers to cover all kind of wheels and requests. Every company will find optimum technology in this range for higher efficiency combined with easy and convenient operation.

MT869 / MT849 Series

Beissbarth MT869 / MT849 SeriesBeissbarth MT869 / MT849 Series

Allrounder with comfort and high performance

Fast and robust wheel balancers designed for high wheel service volume workshops. These models are able to conduct a measurement cycle in just 6 sec. and balance wheels with a diameter of 1.200mm and weighing up to 80 Kg. The ergonomic design allows a better access inside the wheel making operations easier.

The quick selection program (QSP), the EasyFix arm for a precise weight positioning, the stop in position of the wheel and the automatic contactless width measurement, make these balancers a benchmark for the market. Thanks to the new feature the user should not worry to measure the width of the rim, the machine will do it automatically!

  • EasyFix arm for precise weight positioning
  • 3 laser line pointers for manual weight positioning
  • LED light ring (patented) for the perfect view inside the rim
  • Many holders for weights and tools with easy access
  • Automatic Contactless width measurement
  • QSP to select the top 3 balancing programs by using the EasyFix lever
  • 6 seconds for the balancing cycle
  • Electronic brake
  • Pneumatic locking system (P* variant)
  • Stop on Top function to stop the wheel in the right position
  • Connectivity: USB charging / printer connection
  • Customizable screen saver
  • Print Report: possibility to print a balancing report

Download the MT849/MT869 Brochure

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