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Beissbarth VLH2140 2 Post Lift

Beissbarth VLH2140 2 Post Lift

Beissbarth VLH2140 2 Post Baseless Electrohydraulic 4T Lift

Versatile, top-quality vehicle lifts with no frame

Electro-hydraulic 2-post lifts become more and more popular. Indeed, they offer low maintenance and low wear. This is due to the absence of the vulnerable bearing nuts. In Addition, the Beissbarth lifts offer a high-grade, hardwearing hydraulic system, as well as metal high-pressure pipes through out. Beissbarth 2-post hydraulic lifts are suitable for lifting cars and small vans up to 4000 kg or 5500 kg. All components are reinforced, with four lifting arms.

The VLH 2140 is suitable for light vehicles, vans and trucks. Many versions are available:

  • Versions with normal lifting arms (Front: 570 mm-890 mm; rear: 930-1480 mm)
  • Version with long lifting arms 726-1447 mm for long commercial vehicles

The overall height can be chosen:

  • 3670 mm
  • 4000 mm
  • 4200 mm
  • 4400 mm
  • 4650 mm.

The Lifting height is 1850 mm.

The lift is supplied with spacer sleeves 50 mm and 100 mm, to accommodate commercial vehicles and vans. A motor cover guarantees quiet operation and keep dirt out of the drive system.

The lifts lowers without power (Energy saving and silent operation).

  • Hydraulic lifting system with low maintenance
  • Overall heigth and type of lifting arms (normal or long) can be chosen
  • Energy-Saving and quiet operation

Download the Beissbarth Vehicle Lift Brochure

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