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Beissbarth VLH4440 4 Post Lift

Beissbarth VLH4440 4 Post 4.0T Lift

Beissbarth VLH4440 4 Post 4.0T Lift

The perfect lifting and measurement station

Automotive 4-post electro-hydraulic lifts 4500 kg from Beissbarth are ideal work stations for wheel alignment with their high-precision mechanical and hydraulic systems.

They are offered with platform length 4440 mm (VLH 4145), 4810 mm (VLH 4245) or 5070 mm (VLH 4345). The three different runways lengths enable these lifts to raise all passenger cars and almost all commercial vehicles.

They can receive a 2t or a 2,6t jacking beam (guide rails are standard). All three model types offers a passage between the posts of: 2780 mm, suitable for all commercial vehicles even with twin tires.

However, the moderate external dimensions of the VLH 4145 make it possible to install it in tight workshops. Depending on the model type there are up to 4 different versions possible:

  • VLH 4x45 LA: complete with wheel free lifting 3500 kg and adaptation for wheel alignment
  • VLH 4x45 L: only with integrated scissor wheel free lift 3500 kg
  • VLH 4x45 A: only with adaptation for wheel alignment
  • VLH 4x45: basic version with flat tracks


4-post lifts, platform length 4700 mm

This lift with platforms 4700x630 mm is suitable for lifting and wheel alignment of vehicles up to 4000 kg.

It is is an ideal measurement bay for wheel alignment:

  • Fully prepared for KDS 3D and KDS II
  • Pre-drilled for Touchless

Important for professional wheel alignment:

  • Comfort-kit VLH 4440
  • OEM approval
  • Very high precision with reinforced parts (total weight of the lift 2600 kg)
  • Compatible with Easy 3D and Touchless at moderate price

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