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Bosch VLH4345A 4 Post Lift

Bosch VLH4345A 4 Post Lift

Bosch VLH4345A 4 Post Wheel Alignment 4.5T Lift

This high spec 4 post lift has been designed with accuracy and quality as the critical features, making it a perfect choice for wheel alignment. In addition, the long platform length of 5070mm maximises the opportunity for longer vehicles, commercial vans and motorhomes.

The lift has an impressive lifting capacity of 4.5tonnes and is equipped with front turnplate recesses and lockable rear slip plates built into the platform. Furthermore, the platform offers a flexible approach with adjustable front turnplate and rear slip plates positions, enabling a large variety of wheelbase vehicles to be tested.

This top quality lift is designed to achieve the minimum tolerances required for today’s OE wheel alignment systems and adopts air locking and fine adjustment to ensure accuracy throughout the lifting range. The range of advanced design features and safety systems lead to a long life & low maintenance installation that will give years of service.

With a minimum height of 135mm, a platform length of 5070mm and lifting height of 1850mm this lift has ideal dimensions for the vast majority of applications including low or long vehicles.

P/No. : bosvlh4345a
Supplied and Fitted
  • 4 Post Wheel alignment lift
  • Built-in turnplate recesses and lockable rear slip plates
  • Adjustable track length of turnplates and slip plate
  • Air locking and fine adjustments for maximum accuracy
  • 4.5 tonne lifting capacity
  • 3 phase electrics only, 3kw Electrohydraulic motor
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Low maintenance & minimal wear features
  • 5070mm platform length
  • 135mm lowered platform height
  • 1850mm maximum working height
  • Lifting time only 35 seconds

Fit Bosch Lifts and Stand Out from the Crowd

Technical Specification

Load Capacity 4500KG
Min. Height 185 mm
Max. Height 1,850 mm
Length of Tracks 5,070 mm
Width of Tracks 630 mm
Drive-through Width 2,780 mm
Lifting Time 35 s
Dimensions 6,190 x 3,220 x 2,510 mm
Power and Air Supply 400 V/3 ph/50 Hz /
T+N/16 A
Motor 3.0 kW
Max. Oil Pressure 190 bar
Compressed Air ca. 8 bar
Min. Concrete Thickness 150 mm grade C20/25
Recesses at Front for Turntable Tick
Sliding Plates, Rear Tick
Net Weight 1,800 kg

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