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Brain Bee 9000D Air Conditioning Station

Brain Bee 9000D Air Conditioning Station
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Brain Bee 9000D Air Conditioning Station

Resulting from the design and long-term collaboration with car manufacturers, the BRAIN BEE range using the R1234yf represents the High Technology and the reference model in the A/C recharge industry. Thanks to 9000D-1234 you’re sure to enjoy the best technology of Brain Bee, together with the approval of a major car maker: THE PERFECT COMBINATION!

Brain Bee - Everything Under Control

9000D-1234 is the ideal A/C Station for those who want to obtain the best results without any complications. 9000D-1234 also includes electronic gauges and valves to deliver an extremely friendly and intuitive operating interface.

The heart of 9000D-1234 is its LCD user-interface display. Simple and intuitive, the touch screen displays all the operating functions which can be activated in a quick and precise manner. Furthermore, the clarity of the display ensures good visibility in almost all lighting conditions.

All serviceable parts and components in the 9000D-1234 are easily accessible and located in a position that allows for fast replacement. Recharge hoses too have been equipped with external quick couplers so that you don’t have to open the station in case of replacement.

9000D-1234 can be easily updated: using USB port, every available update can be downloaded from the web and installed on the station very easily.

Fully Automatic Non-Condensable Gas Control

Air Purge System is the new exclusive function by BRAIN BEE, present throughout the whole range, that helps the operator knowingly manage the discharge of non-condensable gases, replacing the traditional manual check performed using the vessel pressure gauge.

Advantage : Through the special software, discharge of non-condensable gases is only proposed when actually required. The operator can always decide when to perform the operation, always keeping full control over the Station.

100% Recharge

Super Charge exploits the station operation to obtain the same condition that would otherwise be created by means of vessel heating systems. And results are even remarkably better!

Advantage : Under any climatic condition, refrigerant recovery from a vehicle is perfect, complete and always guaranteed. The following recharge will hence take less time, without any additional support function, and will thus result in reduced power consumptions.

No More Waste

Often hindered by environmental factors (e.g.: temperature), failure to eliminate residual oil in the station will jeopardize the accuracy of the following charge, causing waste (of new oil) and ineffective results. Thanks to the OIL CLEAN function, 9000D-1234 can force recovered oil discharge in the final phase, allowing to save gas (normally used by traditional technology to ease oil discharge).

Advantage : OIL CLEAN allows maintaining your recharge station top efficiency. Calculation of the new oil quantity to be injected into the vehicle will always be extremely accurate, from the first to very last charge of the day, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Vacuum Beyond Compare

As the other Brain Bee stations, 9000D-1234 is equipped with an HPV - High Performance Vacuum Pump, ensuring undoubted performance.

Even in comparison with larger capacity pumps, the HPV PUMP is still the winner: both in the first recharge of the day (“idle” condition), and in case of pump oil already “degassed”, typical of an A/C station that has been running for several minutes, the HPV PUMP reaches the best vacuum level more rapidly (4 minutes earlier than a doublecapacity pump); furthermore, after the first 20 minutes of vacuum, it even reaches a lower vacuum level, thus ensuring improved operating efficiency.

Advantage : The HPV PUMP can reach better vacuum levels earlier, ensuring performance and efficiency when recovering refrigerant from the vehicle.

Long Life Pump

Long Life Pump

Long Life Pump (patent) is the special function allowing an extension of up to 1000 hours of the average life of the pump oil used in the station. It can be activated when the station is not used, and allows for the automatic execution of a cycle of oil regeneration. Oil is hence purified and has a longer life cycle, thus reducing operating costs.


9000D-1234 is equipped with the most comprehensive database for R1234yf on the market, which can be easily updated via USB port. With unlimited validity, it automatically provides for the specific recharge parameters for the vehicle being serviced. All the phases of the planned service are thus optimized and top performance is guaranteed.


9000D-1234 is equipped with a printer to print service reports

Gas Indentifier

Gas identifier HFO R1234yf included - 92% purity

ECO LockEco Lock

Eco Lock Couplers

9000D-1234 is equipped with Eco Lock® quick couplers, allowing for the reduction of gas quantities, safeguarding of operators’ safety and providing a strong contribution for the protection of the environment.

The operation of a recharge station has a strong impact on the environment, due to the formation of the so-called “puff effect”, that is to say dispersion of refrigerant in the environment that usually occurs at the end of a normal charge of a vehicle during the detachment of recharge hoses from the vehicle circuit.

Due to its mechanical shape, any traditional coupler requires the presence of a small area of interchange among components called “dead space”. During recovery, the air in that area is sucked together with the refrigerant and contributes to the formation of non condensable gases.

After recharge, this area remains filled with refrigerant and upon hose detachment it is released in the air having an environmental and financial impact.

Following specific conformity tests carried out by TÜV RHEINLAND, the ECO LOCK ® SYSTEM has been recognized as the only technology complying with the VDA manufacturers’ specifications, therefore entirely fulfilling (and also going beyond) the requirements of containment of leaks caused by hoses detachment, which are in this way eliminated.

Special Functions

  • Air Purge System
  • Super charge
  • Oil clean
  • HPV pump
  • Long life pump
  • Eco Lock
  • Multipass enables additional closed circuit filtering of the recovered cooling fluid
  • Flushing (with optional kit)
  • Hybrid function (with optional kit)
  • Air-tight oil care containers
  • UV tracer
  • Non-condensing vent valve - automatic, electrically-controlled

Technical Features

Gas Type R1234yf
Display Graphic 4,3”, 480x272 (widescreen) 65536 colours - touch display
Printer Yes
Software Update USB
Vessel Level Measurement Electronic Scale
Max Operating Pressure (ped certified) 20 bar
Ped Category III
Clima Database - Cars Only Yes R1234yf
Drain Oil Container 250 ml - Electronic Scale
Pag Injection Oil Container 250 ml - Electronic Scale
Poe Injection Oil Container Optional (Hybrid Kit)
UV Dye Container 250 ml - Electronic Scale
Oil Care Valve (New Pag Oil Container) Yes
Vacuum Level 0,02 mbar
Compressor 14 cc
Pressure Safety Switch Yes
Dehydrating Filter Capacity (Recovered Refrigerant) 45 kg
Non-condensing Vent Valve Automatic, Electronic
Filling Hoses Length 3 m
HP and LP Analog 80 mm cl.1
Eco Lock Yes
Interior + Exterior Flushing Vas (w/kit) Yes
Vessel Heater Function Super Charge
Air Purge System Function Yes
Oil Clean Yes
HPV Pump Yes
Multipass Function Yes
UV Tracer Function Yes
Hybrid Function Yes
N-leak Test - with Nitrogen Yes
Long Life Pump Yes
Power Supply 230 vac - 50 hz