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Hickleys Code Service

Code Service

For a complete list of codes currently available, including all prices, please CLICK HERE.

The NEW Code Service

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer the following services for vehicle codes and lookups:

  • Pincodes for vehicle
  • Key Codes for vehicles
  • Vehicle information lookup via VRM (Registration Number)

Code Requests

Our code request service allows you to request a variety of codes for a selection of different vehicle manufacturers. The different type of codes available are:

  • Key Codes
  • Security Codes
  • Immobiliser Codes
  • Radio Codes
  • Incodes
  • EKA Codes

The availability of codes is ever changing, so only the codes that are currently available are displayed on the Code Request page. To access this service, your online account must be registered to use it. Only certified users will be given access to this service.

Each code is priced individually, which you will see before you order the code. This price must be paid BEFORE the code is issued to you, and is non refundable.

How Does it Work?

Before having access to our new Code Service, you will first need to register to use it. This is to ensure that the vehicles codes only end up in the hands of the people that need them. Once your application has been accepted, we will "switch you on", to enable you access to the service.

After agreeing to the terms of service, you will be presented with a list of vehicle manufacturers to select from. Selecting one of these manufacturers will show you all available codes for that manufacturer, along with pricing information and the ETA (an ESTIMATED time that it will take to obtain the code). This time is only an estimate, so please do not book jobs based on the ETA.

After selecting the code you require, you will be asked to enter the VRM (registration number), and in some cases some other information about the vehicle. Each code requires different information. You will also be asked to supply your mobile phone number.

After proceeding through our checkout process in the normal manner, your code will be applied for. At this stage, unless we cannot supply the code, the code is paid for and will not be refunded.

Once the code is available, you will receive an SMS text message and an email with your required codes(s).

Click here to access Code Service

VRM Lookup

We also offer a service that allows you to look up information on a vehicle, based on the registration number (VRM). The information supplied will give you important information that is often required for key programming, such as the engine number. It also will return some other interesting information on the vehicle, including information of the performance, PNC data and even tax and MOT status.

Using this service requires the use of lookup tokens which are purchased in advance. Using the lookup service will cost 1 token per vehicle lookup. Tokens are priced from £0.52 each.

Once purchased, these tokens will be added to your online account. Your balance of tokens will be shown on the VRM page, along with the ability to purchase more.

As this service is paid for by toke usage, you will not need to go through the shopping cart for each code required.

Click here to access Code Service