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Hickleys Code Service

Terms of Service

Before using this the Code Service, you must first agree to the following terms.

Refund Policy for Code Requests

Our system requires payment up front for key codes and immobiliser codes. If the codes for your vehicle are not available, and the vehicle information you provided was accurate, then we will refund you immediately (within office hours). No question.

We are NOT able to refund in the following circumstances:

  • The customer found their keys and the codes are no longer required. This is because they are ordered IMMEDIATELY on checkout, and once we order them, we have to pay. So do you!
  • The codes provided are incorrect. We ONLY provide codes which were accurate at the time the vehicle was manufactured. We are not responsbile for lock or ECU/BSI/Immo changes after the vehicle was originally supplied.
  • In cases where only 1 of 2 codes was provided (package codes). This is because the cost of 1 of the codes is the same as the cost of both of them. IE - if you only ordered a key code for that vehicle, the price would be the same.
  • You may have found it cheaper elsewhere.
  • The code did not arrive as quickly as you would have liked. We are in the hands of our reliable suppliers, and most codes require some manual element of logging into systems during certain hours. We will always send codes to you as quickly as we can.
  • You ordered a code and entered incorrect or incomplete details. We are charged when we apply for codes, and when we can't return a code due to incorrect information supplied by the customer, we can not issue a refund. This includes, but is not limited to, entering an incorrect VIN number.
  • You ordered a code for a vehicle that clearly stipulates 'UK Vehicles ONLY' - but the VIN number you supplied was for a Non-UK vehicle. As a rule, if the VIN doesn't match a VRM response - then it may be considered a Non-UK vehicle.
  • You ordered a code for a commercial vehicle. Unless the description of the code requested explicitly states that codes are available for commercial vehicles, commercial vehicle codes are not available from this service.

For the avoidance of doubt, unless we are UNABLE to supply the code for whatever reason, or if you enter incorrect information, then no refunds will be given for ordered codes.

Code Delivery Times

The times given for codes delivery are usual delivery times - but we are not bound by them. Occasionally codes take longer to retrieve than the times stipulated, and you should not book any jobs based on the times we forecast in the product detail. Code updates are sent by SMS, appended to the original order, and also email.

Please do not send messages chasing codes as we do not wish to ignore you: the message will always be the same - We will provide them as soon as they arrive.

Thank you