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Extended Warranty & Technical Support

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Warranty and Support

For the 1st year after purchasing your AD100Pro / MVPPro, Zedbull or other equipment purchased from us or our distributors, you will receive full product warranty which includes loan equipment if your equipment should fail.

This ensures you can continue working whilst your equipment is repaired. In addition we offer full technical and product support on all key programming issues involving your equipment for the 12 months of the warranty period.

We believe this outstanding support package is essential for you to best maximise your investment into key and remote programming and gain experience in the market.

Extended Warranty

Once your manufacturer's 12 month warranty has expired we believe it is essential that you are able to receive the same level of service both when your equipment unexpectedly fails or you have a problem vehicle to resolve. Having a failure of your equipment can be very costly; firstly repair charges can be £300 or more, but more importantly you can be without your tester for 6 weeks or more, which can cost far more in lost business.

We therefore offer an extended warranty and technical support package.

The service includes technical advice on vehicle issues, software issues, key/remote/transponder selection, problem solving & eeproming advice. In addition we will assist with product support including using the equipment to your best advantage, loading latest softwares and advice on additional upgrades available.

Extended warranty includes:
  • Cost of repairing your tester (excluding accidental damage to the hardware)
  • Loan tester for the period your tester is away for repair (which can be in excess of 6 weeks)
  • Carriage costs collecting and delivering the testers
  • Free pin saver to protect the internal board from damage
Technical Support includes:
  • Technical support telephone hotline for key and remote programming problems
  • Telephone hotline for cloning machine problems including eeprom programming
  • Software update solutions including Teamviewer support, where we take control of your PC
  • Registration plate lookup for VAG chassis code / engine code

To support our extended warranty and technical support service we have the following facilities in place:

  • A call centre telephone system with technical support hotline
  • A team of well trained technical support staff with in-depth key programming and EEPROM knowledge
  • Access to a huge range of technical information
  • Large pool of support loan testers
  • Team viewer PC system where we take control of your PC
First Tester
Only £225.00 + VAT
per year
Additional Tester
Only £137.00 + VAT
per year
Cloning Machine
Only £99.40 + VAT
per year
Extended Warranty Multi Package Deal

Cover any package of 3 key programmers or cloning machines for a fantastically discounted price, saving £31.40. This amazing price equates to less than £1 per day.

Now you can fully cover your AD100pro, MVPPro, Zed-Full or cloning machine against failure and get your tech support covered. Choose and 3 and they will be covered under the above scheme.

If you wish to cover more, just let us know the quantity and we'll make you a great offer!

Only £430.00 + VAT
per year

Terms and Condtions

All warranty is subject to terms and conditions, and is only applicable if all accounts are paid in full.