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Bosch KTS 670 / KTS 570 Oscilloscope

Curves say more than diagnostic signals

Delphi DS150 Diagnostic Tester

Within ECU diagnosis, parallel to each test step, the signals of the diagnostics cables – such as K and Lline, SAE and CAN – can be diagnosed via the 2-channel diagnostics oscilloscope.

  • Analysis of the signals on the diagnostics cables
  • Adaptation via the OBD diagnostics cable
  • In this application, the two channels are identical and potential-bound

Improved 2-channel measurement oscilloscope

As long as communication with the ECU is functioning properly, direct analysis of the components with the oscilloscope aids diagnosis. Adjustment of the trigger period is improved.

Oscilloscope Specification

Input resistance : 1 MΩ
Channel 1 and 2 : Potential-bound
Sample rate : 10 mega-samples with 1-channel display 5 mega-samples with 2-channel display
Trigger : Different sources
Memory : 50 signal curves with 2 channels


Oscilloscope Sample

Better error evaluation with the diagnostics oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Sample

2-channel oscilloscope for optimum troubleshooting

Oscilloscope Sample

Component signal and actual value at a glance