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An-San Carisma

An-San Carisma Key Cutting Machine

  • Ex demo machine, good condition
  • The Carisma is an automatic key cutting machine that offers combined cutting for both mortice (bit & double bit) and cylinder keys. A combi machine is ideal where space is limited, greatest flexibility is required or a single machine will meet your needs.
  • It boasts a high quality and robust design offering excellent accuracy and long term performance. The ergonomic design and broad base gives the machine a stable operation and accurate results. The most striking feature of this series of machines is the vice system that works horizontally, thanks to this system the operation has dramatically reduced flex which means the new key mirrors the existing keys.
  • Height 300mm
  • Width 440mm
  • Depth 450mm
  • Weight 34kg
  • Power 220v 50Hz 180W
  • RPM 1400 & 2800
  • Cutter 50x5x10mm 3D
  • Cutter 80x1x22. Diamond
  • Key styles. Cylinder. (Edge) Cruciform Mortice. (Bit & Double Bit)
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