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Bosch Emission Analysers

Fully approved for MOT use for petrol and diesel emissions testing

Bosch Emission Analysers

Our range of Bosch BEA emission analysers all offer:

  • Measuring accuracy to OIML R99, class 0
  • Simple step by step operation
  • Brilliant colour TFT screen
  • Bosch engine speed measuring technology via battery terminals
  • Upgradeable for EOBD diagnosis with OBD hardware kit, available as a special accessory
  • NO measurement capable through special accessory
  • Petrol and Diesel versions easily upgradeable to a combination unit
  • Fast thermal scroll printout
  • Updateable database through disc drive
  • Network capable through AWN
  • Emissions tester available in petrol or diesel versions or as a combination machine

Bosch BEA150

P/No. : bea150

Diesel Emissions Analyser for cars and commercial vehicles.

Utilising the RTM430. The renowned National Standard reference smoke meter is mounted on the rear of the BEA trolley for space saving convenience. It gives exceptional performance through;

  • Very fast measurement response time
  • Long service life of measuring chamber
  • Optimum flow technology of the smoke opacimeter
  • Fast and simple maintenance due to magnetic fasteners
  • Optimised flow technology of the smoke opacity module
  • Designed with state-of-the-art simulation programs
  • Easily upgradeable to the BEA350 combination petrol and diesel emissions analyser

Bosch BEA250

P/No. : bea250

Emissions Analyser for use on petrol cars..

The 5 component exhaust emission analyser gives exceptional performance through;

  • Fast and simple maintenance through easy access to filters
  • Long term stability due to infra-red measuring technology with exhaust emissions detector as the receiver
  • Rapid measuring readiness after switching on
  • Easily upgradeable to the BEA350 combination petrol and diesel emissions analyser

Bosch BEA350

P/No. : bea350

Combination Petrol and Diesel Emissions Analyser.

A complete exhaust emissions tester for both petrol and diesel engines for cars and commercial vehicles in one compact unit.

Fully compliant for all MOT testing and is swipe card ready.

Download the BEA350 Sales Leaflet

Delivery Specification


  BEA150 BEA250 BEA350
Operating and display unit Tick Tick Tick
Trolley Tick Tick Tick
UK PC Keyboard Tick Tick Tick
Software MOT compliant Tick Tick Tick
Vehicle database Tick Tick Tick
Oil temperature sensor, cars Tick Tick Tick
Connecting cable B+/B- Tick Tick Tick
Smoke opacity measuring module RTM430, with car hose and sensor Tick Tick
Exhaust measurement module BEA050, including hose and sensor   Tick Tick
Infra-red remote control Tick Tick

Measuring Range, Accuracy

4 Gas Petrol Emission Analyser 
Components Measuring Range Resolution
CO 0.000 - 10.00 %vol 0.001 %vol
CO2 0.00 - 18.00 %vol 0.01 %vol
HC 0 - 9.999 ppm vol 1 ppm vol
O2 0.00 - 22.00 %vol 0.01 %vol
Lambda 0.500 - 9.999 0.001
NO 0-5.000 ppm vol <=1 ppm vol
Smoke Opacity Measuring Module
Measuring Variable Measuring Range Resolution
Degree of opacity 0 - 100% 1%
Oil Temperature
Temperature -20 - +150°C 0.16°C
Speed, Petrol Engine 
Measuring Range Resolution
BDM (B+/B-) 600 - 6.000 rpm 10 rpm
Terminal 1/TD/TN/EST 100 - 15.000 rpm 10 rpm
Trigger Clamp 100 - 15.000 rpm 10 rpm
Speed, Diesel Engine
BDM (B+/B-) 600 - 6.000 rpm 10 rpm
Clamp-on Sensor 250 - 7.200 rpm 10 rpm
Terminal 1/TD/TN/EST 100 - 15.000 rpm 10 rpm
Trigger Clamp 100 - 15.000 rpm 10 rpm
Lambda-sensor voltage +/- 5 V 10 mV
Moment / Adjustment of Ignition
OT Reference mark sensor against trigger clamp -179 - 180° kW at 100 - 8.000 rpm 0.1° kW
Dwell Angle
Terminal 1 0 - 100 % 0 - 360° VW 0.1% 0.1%
Start of Delivery / Injection Timing
Clamp-on sensor against top dead centre or strobe -179 - 180° kW 0.1° kW

Technical Data

Dimensions: for all BEA variants with trolley (W x H x D in mm) 750x1350x700 Operating and control unit (W x H x D in mm) 470x260x480
Weight: BEA350 (incl. trolley) approx. 67kg BEA250 (incl. trolley) approx. 60kg BEA150 (incl. trolley) approx. 63kg  RTM 430 approx. 7kg
Protection classes: Operating and display unit IP 30 RTM 430 smoke-opacity tester module IP33
Accuracy range: +5°C - +40°C
Operating range: +5°C - +45°C
Storage temp: -25°C - +60°C
Supply voltage: 230 V, 50Hz