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Forté Power Clean Repairing Contract

HPC SX6 and SX6RM Rotary Screw Compressor

Forté Power Clean Repairing Contract

As well as offering one-off repairs and spares for Forté Power Clean DPF cleaners, we also offer a full repairing contract, offering the very best value for money.

The benefits of having an Extended Warranty & Full Repairing Contract are as follows:

  • Free high-quality dust cover to protect your investment
  • Free additional filter in case of blockage
  • Free non-return valve to prevent backpressure issues
  • Welcome pack with contact labels and introduction letter
  • No quibble extended warranty
  • Priority service normally within 48hrs
  • No expensive repair bills. (Average breakdown is £400 + VAT)
  • Fixed cost annual expenditure, no unexpected bills
  • Loan machine available when exceptional delays occur
  • Technical Helpline to identify problems
  • Manufacturer trained engineers located around the country
  • In-depth stock of spare parts

Forté Power Clean Repairing Contract Pricing

Annual Contract
Monthly Direct Debit
£24.00 + VAT

Call now on 01823 328530

Forté Power Clean Cover


Black heavy-duty stitched material cover which protects your Power-Clean from workshop dust and dirt.

Sintered Filter

Sintered Filter

Forté Power-Clean is equipped with an inline filter located in the return (blue) hose. This prevents dirt particles entering or re-circulating in the fuel system.

DPF One-Way Valve

DPF One-Way Valve

A one-way valve that fits between the DPF hose & the DPF adaptor. The one-way valve prevents Forté’s Power-Clean DPF Cleaner & DPF Flush fluids bubbling back up the DPF pipe in cases of very blocked filters or where there are air tight connections.

Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack

The Welcome Pack comes FREE when you take out an Extended Warranty & Full Repairing Contract for Forté Power-Clean. It contains a machine cover, sintered filter, DPF valve, machine labels and information leaflets.

Extended Warranty and Full Repairing Contract

The Extended Warranty and Full Repairing Contract for Forté Power-Clean gives customers the peace of mind that there equipment will be maintained and repaired under the terms of the contract below at a single fixed annual price or monthly payment plan (minimum term of 12 months).

The Contract Period

The contract comes into force when Hickleys Ltd (hereafter called the company) receive payment in full for the contract from the customer (hereafter called the user). This can also be paid on a monthly direct debit plan; however, there is a minimum term of 12 months.

The contract expires on the first anniversary of the date on which it came into force, at which point the company may offer terms of renewal. Payment of which will signify the user's acceptance of any increase in premium, and to the terms and conditions for a further contract period. Renewal will be effective only from the date of payment in full. Where paid by monthly direct debit, the contract will stay in force without interruption until either party gives notice of termination. Any increase in premium will be communicated to you prior to the direct debit being revised and taken.

Either party can terminate the contract by serving 30 days written notice on the other, but the company will not consider reimbursement of any part of the premium for an unexpired period. Where paying monthly, a minimum contract term is 12 months.

The Service

The company undertakes to make the necessary repairs to keep the equipment fully repaired and serviceable. The company will attend breakdowns at its earliest ability and will prioritise contract holders over any other normal business, this will normally be within 48 hours. On subsequent breakdowns (covered under the terms of this contract), an engineer's visit will be free of call out charge, travelling, labour and internal spares used to repair any condition arising solely from defective materials or manufacture. Any internal component such as: screens, power supplies, circuit boards, fans, solenoids, pumps, sensors will be supplied free of all costs. On rare occasions and with the user’s agreement the company may send replacement parts that are easily installed for the user to install instead of immediately sending an engineer. This often ensures the user's equipment returns to operational condition at the earliest occasion.

On rare occasions we reserve the right to collect your machine by carrier and return to our head office for repair. On completion, it will be returned to you in the same manner. Furthermore on occasion, we may choose to send you a loan machine whilst your machine is repaired.

The company holds loan machines and if a repair cannot be completed in a reasonable time, the company may choose to issue a loan machine. Delivery and collection will be coordinated by the company and costs covered by the contract.

The Exclusions

Charges for call out, travel, labour and materials will be levied for visits where: The condition of the equipment arises from improper use, lack of operator maintenance, neglect, unauthorised alteration or repair, vandalism, tampering, accident, fire, flood, or act of God. Consumable & external items: fluids, filters, hoses, power leads are repaired or replaced. The company's engineer is unable to gain access to the equipment or finds that no fault exists either because the apparent defect arose from misapplication or from any other external cause. The User agrees that they will supply an official purchase order on request when any of the above items are rectified or replaced or when any visit is made outside the terms of the contract. Power-Clean has been designed to operate with Forté Power-Clean products. Use of other products with Power-Clean may invalidate your warranty.

The Terms & Conditions

The user undertakes to inform the company in writing of any changes likely to affect the contract such as, among others:-

  1. Change of name
  2. Change of address
  3. Change of location of equipment
  • The contract is not transferable without the written consent of the company
  • The user will not allow any person not authorised by the company to attempt repairs or adjustments to the equipment
  • All visits will take place during the company's standard hours of business
  • No alterations to this contract will be valid unless signed by a Director of the company.
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