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Bosch BAT115 Battery Tester

Bosch BAT115 Battery Tester
£457.00 + VAT
P/No. : bosbat115

Bosch BAT115 Battery Tester with Integrated Printer

The battey service presents demanding challenges for the tester used today. No voltage spikes that can result in sensor malfunctions may occur during charging.

Bosch battery chargers allow starter batteries to be charged carefully even while installed. High power reserves translate into successful starting assistance under all temperature conditions.

When testing the state of the battery, flexibility is decisive: Bosch battery, flexibility is decisive: Bosch battery testers allow both 12V starter batteries and alternators with rated output of 12V to be tested quickly and easily.

The Bosch BAT115 battery tester enables easy testing of 6V and 12V starter batteries. Leadacid, EFB, Gel as well as AGM batteries. 12V and 24V charging systems can also be tested.


  • Various tests for 6 V and 12 V batteries as well as 12 V and 24 V starter and charging systems
  • Micro-Load tests for reliable measurement results „
  • Practical due to large LCD screen and user-friendly menus „
  • Integrated printer for printing the test results
  • Menu-guided intuitive operation in 25 languages
  • Large working radius due to 1.8 m test cable
  • Robust housing, long-lasting technology

Technical Data

Battery nominal voltage 6 V/12 V
Application Passenger car/ light commercial vehicle, motorcycle, marine
Test standards EN, EN2, DIN, SAE, IEC, JIS, MCA
Battery types Lead-acid, EFB, Gel & AGM (flat and spiral)
Battery size (In acc. With CCA) 40-2000 A
Printer Integrated thermal printer
Starting/charging system test 12 V/ 24 V
Menu Languages 25
Dimensions (LxWxH) Approx. 250x130x60mm
Weight approx. 1100 g
Operating temperature 0° c-40 ° c

Download the BAT115 Fact Sheet