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Locksmith Through The Door Sets

Super Combo Complete Set
£437.00 + VAT
P/No. : amsc

Super Combo Complete Set

The Access Tools Super Combo is the most popular lock-out set for years. With the included car opening manual, all basic openings are clearly outlined so you can get into and out of cars easily. It comes with all in-the-door metal tools, including 5 new tools with the patent pending Piranha Grip™. The Super Combo Complete Set have everything you need to get into vehicles of every make and model, covering most vehicles from 1979 to the present.

The Super Combo also comes with the most common accessories, necessary to achieve a successful opening without hassle and within a reasonable time. These include the Wedgee, the Air Jack Air Wedge, Slim Jim, One Hand Jack Tool, Glassman tool for frameless windows, and a few more.

  • 22 chrome tools with Sure Grip handles. Two of them with the new Piranha Grip.
  • 9 advanced chrome tools
  • Printed manual with all auto and heavy truck openings
  • Auto opening training DVD
  • Strip tool
  • Wedgee Wedge
  • Tool ID system
  • Coated flexible long reach tool
  • One-hand jack tool
  • Air wedge
  • Glassman tool
  • Strip savers
  • Wonder shield
  • Power grip
  • Slim jim
  • New copper loop tool
  • Mega deluxe soft case
  • 6 months subscription online manual
European Car Opening Set
£225.00 + VAT
P/No. : ecos

European Car Opening Set

The new European Car Opening kit was designed with European vehicles in mind. These high quality kits are ideal for Breakdown companies, locksmiths, garages or for anyone needing to gain access into a vehicle without keys.

The ECOS kit has a carefully selected range of equipment that will best suit your needs on the greatest range of vehicles. Included in the kit is a Lever jack tool, air wedge, Glassman protector and wonder shield along with a long reach tool and flexible loop tool. In addition there is an excellent access smart tool that illuminates the inside of the vehicle through the windscreen, a quick training manual and DVD is also supplied.

All the above is held in a heavy duty carry case to keep it protected and together.

One Hand Jack Set

One Hand Jack Set

This set includes the patent-pending One Hand Jack that is the main component in this system. No longer do you have to jam a wedge into the door frame. Now with gentle leverage, you can put the one hand jack on the door frame, and slowly apply pressure and then insert the Air Jack air wedge, also included in the set. Then once the air wedge is in place and you have the air jack in place, use the Shielded Quick Max long reach tool, featuring a protective coating that protects the paint from scratches, and unlock the vehicle.

For vertical buttons, this kit also comes with the strap tool, nicknamed the Mercedes strap, for certain vehicles that have an exposed vertical button

  • One hand jack
  • Air jack air wedge
  • Quick video instructional DVD
  • Heavy duty carrying case
  • Quick car opening manual
  • Quick max long reach tool with Store-N-Go handle for tip storage
£125.00 + VAT
P/No. : ohjs4
Ultimate Long Reach Kit

Ultimate Long Reach Kit

The Ultimate Long Reach Kit includes every tool and accessory you need to open virtually any vehicle on the road today using the long reach method. This 21 piece kit is the most comprehensive and complete long reach tool set ever made.

Four of the most popular long reach tools, Button Master and Mega Master snare tools, two Air Wedges, two pry-bar style wedge tools, protective lockout tape, slim jim, windshield mounted flashlight for night-time openings, our new heavy duty long padded carrying case with internal pockets, and the list goes on.

With this kit in your toolbox, you will never need any other tools to perform world class professional lockouts.


  • Most Popular Tools Included
  • Most Comprehensive Kit
  • Easy To Transport
  • Perfect for Beginners and Pros
£395.00 + VAT
P/No. : acculrk