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Zed-FULL Immobiliser Solution

Zed-FULL Immobilser Solution

The Zed-FULL Immobiliser Solution

The Zed-FULL from IEA is the first "all in one" programming tool for the diagnostic or auto locksmith professional, with a huge range of specialist software and purchasing options.

The Zed-FULL is a top quality computerised tablet with a large full colour touch screen, huge memory and easy to use software. It also comes with a range of cables, adapters and accessories together with a strong carry case.

The Zed-FULL combines an exceptional range of software that until now has only been available in separate tools. The Zed-FULL combines Key cloning, transponder management, OBD key & remote programming, EEPROM programming and other features such as a remote tester, key and remote virginising, voltage & continuity tester, WiFi communication and PC software package. So for the first time you can have your cloning machine, key programmer and EEPROM package all in one exceptional tool.

Not only does the Zed-FULL combine all the features of many competitive tools but the level of software takes key programming options to new heights. The Zed-FULL is packed with new features and software such as:

  • Cloning to many fixed and crypto transponders including id46 & 8C
  • Cloning to the latest carbon CN2 & ZED46 transponders for 4C, 4D and ID46
  • Cloning some ID48 for Daewoo, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Kia
  • Built in frequency tester for remote keys
  • Recycling and unlocking of used remote keys and key cards
  • Remote emulating system for Fiat remotes
  • OBD key & remote programming including pincode reading on a huge range of vehicles
  • Built in component security code reading aerial for easy scanning
  • Latest coverage of VAG vehicles including UDS systems
  • Pincode reading for Peugeot & Citroen vehicles
  • OBD programming on 24v systems including Renault, DAF and Volvo trucks
  • Built in EEPROM programmer with no PC software required
  • Over 250 individual immobiliser EEPROM files covered

The Zed-FULL is fully loaded with the full range of software to carry out every feature of the tool, now and in the future. All software updates will be loaded "free of charge" so you never have to pay for the latest software to be added to your tester.

With every Zed-FULL standard cloning features and a range of other software, including the majority of eeprom files, are free to use for life in the purchase price of the tester. To use the remaining outstanding features of the Zed-FULL there are 3 different ways to fund its use.

Option One. "Pay as You Go" Credits

Each credit is 50p and individual tasks use a different quantity of credits. Using credits means you only pay for the software you use, enabling you to benefit from all the software but only pay for it as and when you use it.

Option Two. "Unlimited Use" Subscriptions (LIFS)

With the unlimited use (LIFS) it is possible to buy a period of time, 3, 6 & 12 months and then use all of the software as much as you like without additional cost. It is now possible to use a certain par of the software (ie Ford OBD or eeprom programming) on unlimited use for periods of 6 or 12 months, whilst using the remainder of Zed-FULL features on credits

See the list of available Group LIFS Here

Option Three "Outright Software Purchase"

For customers that like to purchase and own their software outright it is possible to purchase any or all of the software you want. In this way if you use a particular piece of software a lot you can purchase this software whilst using credits for the remaining features.

Please see the Zed-Full Credit Purchase Options page for more details and to purchase credits/software.

The combination of an "all in one" tool , exceptional software levels and flexible purchase options makes the new Zed-FULL the perfect choice whether you are a beginner, an experienced user, a low level or volume user or even someone that just wants to to use a limited amount of the vast features of the Zed-FULL.

Main Features

  • Rugged tablet handset with steering wheel hook
  • 7" HD TFT colour touch screen
  • Excellent graphics and intuitive to use
  • Single OBD cable for all applications
  • 12V and 24V operation for car and truck
  • Built-in transponder reader / holder, key and remote reader
  • Built-in infrared and remote frequency tester with frequency display
  • Built-in volt meter and continuity tester for vehicle and remote battery testing
  • Built-in eeprom reader/writer and programming system
  • Strong storage case
  • Quick start guide

Free To Use Features

The Zed-FULL standard package includes many features that are completely free to use for the life of the Zed-FULL. These include :

  • Transponder identification (all types)
  • Transponder cloning for fixed 11, 12, 13, 14, 33, T5 & 4C
  • Transponder cloning for Crypto 40(some), 41, 42, 44 (unlocked VAG), 45, 73 & 8C
  • Transponder cloning for Crypto 2, ID46 onto carbon TS46 or TK60 (Internet) & CN3
  • Transponder cloning for Texas 4D (Internet) to TPX2
  • Transponder cloning to a range of VAG & Fiat ID48 vehicles onto a ZED48 using ZFH48 sniffer
  • Transponder cloning for ID48 Daewoo, Chevrolet and some Hyundai/Kia onto TS48
  • Writing to transponder T5, PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, PCF7936, PCF7946, PCF7947, 4D60, 48, 8C, TPX1, TPX2, EH1, EH2, TK60, Z4C, CN2, TS46, TS48, TK5551, CN3
  • Transponder test
  • BMW EWS remote battery charging
  • Built-in infrared and remote frequency remote tester
  • Manual remote programming procedures
  • Pincode reading fromkey on peugeot 45, Renault 33, Hyundai/Kia 6pin
  • Unlock ID48 & virgin 48 CAN & Honda ID46
  • Reading KM, chassis and key info from BMW EWS keys and remotes
  • Transponder catalogue
  • Customer database
  • PC software for cloning, pincodes, updating, loading software, eeprom applications and emulator unlocking
  • Transponder production for 33 various, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 46 various, 61, 62, 63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70 & 73 to PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935, PCF7936, T5, TPX2 and CN2
  • Mercedes E, C & G class up to 1999
  • Pincodes for Renault 33, Renault 60-64 and Peugeot 45 from key head
  • 159 of the 219 eeprom files are free to use

Remote Unlocking Software

This software will unlock OE used remotes so they can be reused on a different vehicle. The software covers:

  • Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge
  • Opel (Vauxhall)
  • Chevrolet
  • Cadillac
  • Buick
  • PSA Peugeot / Citroen
  • Kia / Hyundai
  • BMW
  • Mitsubishi
  • Volvo
  • Land Rover
  • Toyota

You need to purchase the software and the hardware outright to operate this service. It will not work on credits or LIFS. Once purchased, it is free to use for life.

The software and hardware can be purchased individually, or we offer an intermediate and full kit at a discounted price.

Click here to see the list of options and prices

Zed-Full Accessories

To see our available accessories and spares for the Zed-FULL, please see the Zed-FULL Accessories and Spares page.