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Silca OBD Snoop ID88

Silca OBD Snoop ID88
£399.99 + VAT
P/No. : ada2101

Silca OBD Snoop ID88 - A World Class Cloning Solution

Compatible with Volkswagen Group MQB

A world-first cloning solution for best-selling models like the Golf, Polo, Tiguan, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and the Seat Ibiza. The new OBD Snoop ID88 from Advanced Diagnostics used together with the RW5 or Smart Aerial+ and the MYKEYS Pro app, clones bladed keys for a range of Volkswagen Group MQB models.

Reliable, familiar key duplication

Duplicate the most popular Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models in the familiar way you clone other vehicle keys.

Plug and Play

The OBO Snoop automatically detects the vehicle system to read; no need to enter the make, rnodel or year.

Package Deals

We've put together some fantastic package deals, all including a quantity of the GTI Ultra Carbon Transponders.

Snoop ID88 & 20x GTI Ultra
£634.99 + VAT
P/No. : snooppack1
Snoop ID88 & 50x GTI Ultra
£987.49 + VAT
P/No. : snooppack2
Snoop ID88 & Smart Aerial+ & 20x GTI Ultra
£1059.99 + VAT
P/No. : snooppack3
Snoop ID88 & Smart Aerial+ & 50x GTI Ultra
£1412.49 + VAT
P/No. : snooppack4
Snoop ID88 & 100 GTI Ultra
£1574.99 + VAT
P/No. : snooppack5

Cable-Free - Battery-Free

The OBD Snoop connects directly with the vehicle OBD port and is powered by the vehicle. No battery is needed. Data is then communicated to the MYKEYS Pro app remotely via Bluetooth.

Secure Process

The cloning process is safe and without risk, no intervention on the vehicle is necessary. The MYKEYS Pro app advises if the model is not compatible with cloning immediately the OBD Snoop is connected to the vehicle.

Expands the Capabilities of the RW5 and Smart Aerial+

Silca OBD Snoop ID88

Silca and Advanced Diagnostics are committed to evolving the unique potential of the cloud cloning technology to deliver new features and functions to the RW5 and Smart Aerial+

Guided Procedures

The RW5 display, or the MYKEYS Pro app in the case of Smart Aerial+, guides you step-by-step through the cloning procedure to make the whole process trouble-free.

Reach New Customers

The OBD Snoop broadens the range of cloneable keys and therefore broadens the selling opportunity. Cloning a standard key without the remote also means a more affordable key for your customer.

Quality Assured

Designed and developed in Europe by the leader in cloning technology, all Silca and Advanced Diagnostics devices are CE certified. The cloning data is processed using proprietary servers.

Cloning Process

  • RW5 or Smart Aerial+ reads the original key
  • OBD Snoop reads the vehicle data and sends it to MYKEYS Pro
  • MYKEYS Pro sends the data to the cloud via internet
  • The data is processed in the cloud and sent back to the RW5 or Smart Aerial+
  • The new key is written using the RW5 or Smart Aerial+

Applications (as of Nov 2023)*

Make Model From To
Audi A3 2012 2017
Audi Q2 2017 2019
Audi S3 2015 2017
Seat Ateca 2016 2018
Seat Cupra 2016 2017
Seat Ibiza 2015 2017
Seat Leon 2012 2023
Seat Toledo 2013 2023
Skoda Fabia 2014 2020
Skoda Octavia 2014 2023
Skoda Rapid 2013 2023
Skoda Superb 2015 2023
VW Crafter 2018 2023
VW Golf 2013 2018
VW Polo 2014 2017
VW Tiguan 2015 2018
VW Touran 2016 2023

* Not all vehicle systems covered