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Laser Examiner

Texa Laser Examiner
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Laser Caliper to Measure Disk Wear and Tyre Tread

Safety and comfort while driving are ever more important and essential for drivers. The tests to be carried out regularly include checking the conditions of the wheel system.

Laser Examiner is a small practical tool to objectively measure brake disk wear with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre without having to remove the wheel from the vehicle. You can also measure tire tread wear using a simple adapter.

Laser Examiner makes performing these tests quick and simple, providing customers with a detailed report on the “health” of their vehicle’s wheels, guaranteeing a professional service and contributing to customer retention. Genuine added value for garages and tire fitters and an important contribution to vehicle road safety.

Brake Disc Wear Measurement

Laser Examiner makes checking brake disk wear simple and quick, without having to remove the wheel. Thanks to the magnet incorporated in the probe, all you need do is put it on the disk.

When you press the button, it projects a laser beam transversally across the disk. A further click captures an image which is analyzed by a micro-camera.

Laser Examiner processes measurements in real time and compares them with the predefined minimum value. Comparison is both numerical and visual, and provides the mechanic with an instant assessment.

Ergonomic Design

With its elongated “stem” shape and ergonomic handgrip, the Laser Examiner is designed for easy use, even when the particularly shape of the alloy or iron rim makes the brake disk difficult to reach.

Tire Tread Wear Measurements

Tire tread wear also needs checking regularly.

A reduced tread increases vehicle instability, makes the tire vulnerable to damage and can cause the driver to lose control in the rain due to aquaplaning.

Laser Examiner has a special magnetic head allowing it to rapidly measure the depth of tread left. Once positioned on the tire, it projects a laser beam over the surface to provide an objective measurement.

Texa Laser Examiner

A Highly Professional, Easy to Manage,Service

To verify and manage all the information coming from the disk and tire measurements as efficiently as possible, TEXA has developed software for Windows PC or AXONE Nemo for use in conjunction with the Laser Examiner.

The mechanic can complete an objective test of the “wheel system” rapidly, thanks to the simple and intuitive graphic interface.

The menu is divided into three functions: Disk, Tire and Fast Check. By accessing Fast Check, the mechanic can rapidly check both disk and tread wear, particularly useful during vehicle check-in to give the customer a clear idea of the state of the vehicle when it enters the garage. A complete report can be printed out to give to the customer.

An Accurate Management System for Customer Retention

The Laser Examiner software includes a management system indispensable for customer retention, allowing the garage or tire specialist to manage all disk and tire tests as efficiently as possible, creating a complete and always up-to-date database of driver and vehicle details, complete with the results of the tests performed, and allowing maintenance to be scheduled.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 90 gr.
  • Dimensions L 250 x H 40 x W 20 m
  • Bluetooth
  • Lithium battery 600 mAh
  • Micro-camera 1 Mpixel
  • 8 MByte memory RAM
  • Laser 520 nm
  • USB 2.0 for recharge
  • Application for Windows
  • Laser Classe 1


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