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Hydrogene Carbon Buster

Hydrogene Carbon Buster
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Hydrogene Carbon Buster

The Hydrogene Carbon Buster is a new and powerful way to clean an engine of carbon and deposits that collect around vital parts and contaminate an engine. These deposits have the effect of reducing the engine power, performance and efficiency.

After a Carbon Buster clean, the power and performance will be greatly improved, the fuel economy will increase and you can be sure the life of the engine components has been extended.

The Hydrogene Carbon Buster works by separating WATER through electrolysis when in contact with electric. A small amount of chemical is added to the water and the resulting gas is added to the engine inlet manifold whilst the engine is run for approximately 90mins.

Hydrogene creates a powerful chemical burn and cleaning process that removes and cleans the critical components of the engine including valves, injectors, pistons, turbos, ERG’s, Exhaust, Catalyst, lambda and DPF, whilst reducing emission outputs.

Using Hydrogene Carbon Buster optimises your engine performance giving a faster, uniformed and more powerful combustion, resulting in increased engine power and torque, a smoother driving experience and reduce emission outputs and fuel consumption.

Why is our Carbon Buster so infallible?

The Principle

Hydrogene is a very powerful explosion and cleaning gas, obtained by separating water components through electrolyisis when in contact with electrical current.

How to do it?

The Carbon Buster needs to be connected to the car battery, as well as placing the hydrogene output tube at the air vent of the vehicle. Letting it work with the engine started between 90 and 120 minutes, the time may vary depending on the cc of the vechicle and the accumulated dirt in the engine.

What it eliminates

The Carbon Buster eliminates all the carbon particles from the power, exhaust and valves seats systems.

What it cleans

  1. The carbon from the turbo compresseur system
  2. The combustion chamber, where it will ease the cleaning of the valves seats, pistons, valves, segments and pulverising heads.
  3. EGR valve and exhaust collector, spark plugs, injectors and catalyst drum.
  4. The lambda wave and the particles filter. Even more....It reduces inmensely the gas emissions


  • The engine power thanks to the cleaning of the valves seats, allowing the system to close fully without leaks.
  • Faster, uniform and more powerful combustion, which becomes possible after cleaning the injector pulverising head, resulting in more fluid and easier expansion of the fuel inside the combustion chamber.
  • Longer life engine and performance. It eases and softens the inside of the turbo, allowing the interior of the turbine to turn to its maximum power.