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HubScan Hub Dynamometer


HubScan Hub Dynamometer - The solution for ECU mapping and engine development.

Hubscan is a hub dyno. Benefits are equivalent to chassis dyno with a higher modularity. In fact, each pod can be moved inside your garage and helps you to work on your engine, even if you have not enough space to have a chassis dyno. You just need to have a flat floor to be able to install the dyno.

  • 2WD and 4WD
  • Installation <10 min
  • No pit, no strapping
  • Consistent with all kinds of differentials
  • Movable
  • Full featured and powerful SW
  • Vehicle versatility
  • Engine power measurement with power loss calculation
  • High precision due to hub measurement

Road Load Simulation and Power Loss Measurement

The behaviour is the same than the Autoscan. We have developped road load simulation that makes the engine running the same way than on the road. If the vehicle allows it, with the power loss measurement due mainly to transmission, we are able to determine the engine power & torque based on the hub force.

Versatile Dyno

Hubscan is designed for 2 WD and 4 WD. Due to its independant pods, no matter what the wheelbase or the track width of the vehicle are. Moreover, Rotronics proposes differents generic adapters (central, 3,4,5,6 bolts) to be able to test all kind of vehicles, even the most exotic ones!


HubScan Brochure


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