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DTS Tech

All Your Important Information in One Place

  • Over 6000 Technical Bulletins
  • Over 170,000 fault code descriptions
  • Integrated links to your Diagnostic tools and Technical information (Haynes Pro, Texa & Delphi)
  • Interest free direct debit options

All of this and much, much more for only £295.00 +VAT
or £24.58 +VAT per month.
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Technical Information is the most important asset any aftermarket garage can have. As with any service and repair procedure, having the detailed information on how, where, when and what to do is vital to the completion of any task.

DTS Tech

Vehicles are now so complicated it is impossible to complete most tasks without some amount of research and technical information or even technical support. Currently garages have this technical information in different programs or media, which makes referencing the information quickly a difficult task. It could be held on a diagnostic tester itself, in a technical data program or the data may only be available via a dreaded “google search”.

This is where the new DTS Tech information program will pay dividends to any garage or technical workshop. DTS Tech acts like a dashboard on your PC and keeps all your important information in one place. Being easy to access and quick to locate, DTS Tech saves significant time and gives the technician accurate, structured and valuable information.

In its basic form, DTS Tech is packed with useful information with over 170,000 fault code explanations, over 4000 technical bulletins plus an array of tips and hints, conversions, charts and much much more. Add to this VRM lookup, service schedules and service times and you have an information package that you will use every day.

In addition to this the DTS Tech can have Haynespro technical information embedded into the system and therefore from the one dashboard you can access all your information needs in one place.

But the power of DTS Tech does not stop there. If you own and subscribe to a Texa, Delphi or very soon a Bosch diagnostic system you will be able to embed this software into DTS Tech and launch your diagnostic tester software again from the dashboard of DTS Tech. This means from a single VRM lookup, DTS Tech will search the database, select the correct vehicle, locate the correct service schedule, load the correct technical data, launch the diagnostic testers software and return results only pertaining to that vehicle.

DTS Tech

As garages are constantly faced with new cars, this brings new challenges and the all important question of where do you look for help? DTS Tech is a PC based portal where all of your important information can be in one place.

Whether it is technical data, service data, service schedules, technical bulletins, fault codes, wiring diagrams, component location, repair procedures, conversion and calculations or general tips and hints, DTS Tech is crammed with information that has been reviewed and documented from real garage based feedback.

Furthermore, selected diagnostic equipment can be embedded into DTS Tech to streamline and enhance your diagnostic procedures, with the technical support package completing the services to ensure everything is at your fingertips..

VRM Lookup (Registration Number Search)

VRM Lookup (Registration Number Search)

Ensuring you have the correct information and vehicle application is essential to correct repair and diagnosis.

With DTS Tech all of this information can be viewed either manually or via VRM lookup meaning from a single VRM lookup DTS Tech will search the database, select the correct vehicle, locate the correct service schedule, load the correct technical data, launch the diagnostic testers software and return results only pertaining to that vehicle.

Service Schedule

Haynes Pro Basic

An important feature of the DTS Tech portal is the ability to access OE based service schedules and essential service info by quickly entering the vehicle registration number.

This ensures your servicing procedures match the vehicle servicing requirements according to the vehicle manufacturer and furthermore a quick search of the bulletins will reveal useful information specific to that vehicle model.

Haynes Pro Basic offers accurate information on service schedules, maintenance, repair times, repair information, adjustment data, cam belt info, lubricants and fluids.

Fault Codes

Fault Codes

DTS Tech is packed with over 170,000 fault code references each with and an explanation of fault and many with links to technical bulletins. With VRM lookup fault codes can be linked to the exact vehicle and the nature of the fault.

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

Held within DTS Tech are over 4000 technical bulletins which can be quickly searched manually or by VRM. This enables technicians to quickly search for known faults. The contents of the bulletins cover a broad range of fields including:

  • Service related issues
  • Known faults and the remedies
  • Component replacement procedures
  • Fault code and warning light information
  • Guided diagnostics procedures
  • Component replacement procedures
  • Important warnings against pitfalls that could be costly to the garage


DTS Tech is packed with useful information which is often difficult or time consuming to locate. Stored under the functions tab are the “toolbox”, “formulas” and “links” tabs: Toolbox offers more general bulletins, tips and hints and other useful information. Formulas offer a range of conversion tables, technical tables, Vin to year conversion and more. Links gives you access to the correct web page for many OEM sites for items such as diagnostics and manuals.

Functions Direct Links to your Diagnostic Testers

Direct Links to your Diagnostic Testers

DTS Tech contains “hot keys” direct to your diagnostic scan tools and this saves valuable time launching different programs and re-entering vehicle applications.

From your initially entered VRM lookup the DTS Tech program will select the correct vehicle details and link your diagnostic scan tool to the correct vehicle application. One click of the diagnostic tester hot key and the diagnostic scan tool is ready to go with the correct vehicle selection. From here it is possible to toggle between your diagnostic scan tool, technical data information, technical bulletins and technical support, making navigation through your diagnostic requirements quicker and easier to achieve.

As an added benefit, having your diagnostic testers and technical information packages located in your DTS Tech portal entitles you to additional free technical support events. Each time you re-subscribe to your annual diagnostic software or technical information, five technical support events are added to your account.

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HaynesPro Ultimate is an intuitive, easy-to-use technical information system that has been honed over years of development to become the leading source of accurate information.

HaynesPro covers essential data required to carry out general servicing and vehicle repairs as well as being a huge reference library for valuable data. With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an ever more significant feature in modern cars, it has become essential to have quality technical information, diagrams and test information.

In addition, it contains OEM Technical Service Bulletins complete with symptoms, causes and solutions, supported by fault codes, their analysis and fault rectification details.

Finally, Haynespro contains an ingenious resource of known fixes and tips for uncommon faults associated with specific models, again complete with symptoms, causes and solutions.

HaynesPro technical data includes:

Basic Ultimate  
VIN and identification plate locations
Maintenance schedules (OEM-based)
Printable work sheets
Service times
Service indicator reset
Timing belt renewal intervals
Timing belt; removal/installation
Timing chain; removal/installation
Ancillary drive belt; removal/installation
Clutch: removal/installation
  Manual transmission; removal/installation
Cooling system; drain/refill
Ancillary drive belt
  Wheel alignment
Emission data
Tyre sizes and pressures
  Tyre pressure monitoring system
Torque settings
Air-conditioning service connectors
Lubricants and fluids
  Engine assembly; removal/installation
Safety related recall actions issued by OEM
Link to fault codes and related cases
  Repair times
  Technical drawings
Torque settings
  Technical Service Bulletins
  Fuse and relay box locations
  Fuse and relay overview
  Wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP and air conditioning
  Component locations and information
  Fault codes (manufacturer and EOBD)
  Diagnostics wizard
  Ground point locations
  EOBD connector location
  Control unit locations
  Battery disconnection/reconnection procedures
  High-voltage circuit deactivation procedures
  Warning lights and indicators
  Wiring diagrams covering e.g. door locks, windows, airbags, exterior lights, starting/charging and wash/wiper systems
  Pan and zoom functionality
  Highlight functionality to trace corresponding wires and components

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All your important information in one place

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Powered by VRM lookup. Service schedules, maintenance, repair times, repair info, adjustment data, cambelts, lubricants and fluids.

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HaynesPro Ultimate Annual Subscription

Market leading technical information program.

Requires Haynes Pro Basic subscription.

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