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  • Industry leading mechanical technical information.
  • Unrivaled diagnostic information and OE TSB’s
  • Up to 4 users on one subscription
  • Interest free direct debit options
  • Trading history or account may be required

All of this and much, much more for only £645.00 +VAT
or £53.75 +VAT per month.

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HaynesPro is an intuitive, easy-to-use technical information system that has been honed over years of development to become the leading source of accurate information.

HaynesPro covers essential data required to carry out general servicing and vehicle repairs as well as being a huge reference library for valuable data. With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an ever more significant feature in modern cars, it has become essential to have quality technical information, diagrams and test information.

In addition, it contains OEM Technical Service Bulletins complete with symptoms, causes and solutions, supported by fault codes, their analysis and fault rectification details.

Finally, Haynespro contains an ingenious resource of known fixes and tips for uncommon faults associated with specific models, again complete with symptoms, causes and solutions.

HaynesPro technical data includes:

Basic Ultimate  
VIN and identification plate locations
Maintenance schedules (OEM-based)
Printable work sheets
Service times
Service indicator reset
Timing belt renewal intervals
Timing belt; removal/installation
Timing chain; removal/installation
Ancillary drive belt; removal/installation
Clutch: removal/installation
  Manual transmission; removal/installation
Cooling system; drain/refill
Ancillary drive belt
  Wheel alignment
Emission data
Tyre sizes and pressures
  Tyre pressure monitoring system
Torque settings
Air-conditioning service connectors
Lubricants and fluids
  Engine assembly; removal/installation
Safety related recall actions issued by OEM
Link to fault codes and related cases
  Repair times
  Technical drawings
Torque settings
  Technical Service Bulletins
  Fuse and relay box locations
  Fuse and relay overview
  Wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP and air conditioning
  Component locations and information
  Fault codes (manufacturer and EOBD)
  Diagnostics wizard
  Ground point locations
  EOBD connector location
  Control unit locations
  Battery disconnection/reconnection procedures
  High-voltage circuit deactivation procedures
  Warning lights and indicators
  Wiring diagrams covering e.g. door locks, windows, airbags, exterior lights, starting/charging and wash/wiper systems
  Pan and zoom functionality
  Highlight functionality to trace corresponding wires and components


HaynesPro Basic Subscription

£149.00 + VAT
P/No. : haynesprobas

Powered by VRM lookup. Service schedules, maintenance, repair times, repair info, adjustment data, cambelts, lubricants and fluids.

£645.00 + VAT
P/No. : haynespropack

HaynesPro Basic + Ultimate Annual Subscription

Both the Basic and Ultimate subscriptions, purchased together.

Add Auto Frontal Annual Subscription

£295.00 + VAT
P/No. : autofrontal

All your important information in one place

HaynesPro Truck Ultimate Package

HaynesPro Truck Ultimate Package

HaynesPro Truck Ultimate Package

£695.00 + VAT
P/No. : haynesprotruck
Workshop Data - Smart
Technical Service Bulletins (SmartFIX™)
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Link to fault codes
Verified fixes and tips (SmartCASE™)
  • Verified fixes and tips
  • Link to fault codes and related cases
  • Safety related recall actions issued by OEM
Workshop Data - Electronics
Fuses and relays
  • Fuse and relay box locations
  • Fuse and relay overview
VESA™ MK II (Guided diagnostics)
  • Engine management
  • ECAS (Electronics controlled airsuspension
  • Diagnostic wizzard
  • Fault codes (manufacturer’s and EOBD)
Workshop Data - Tech
Identification data
  • VIN and identification plate locations
  • VIN decoder
  • Maintenance schedules (OEM-based)
  • Smart links to adjustment data
  • Printable work sheets and cost estimates
  • Reset procedure for the Service indicator
  • Links to generic parts
Adjustment data
  • Emission data
  • Wear limits
  • Wheel alignment settings
  • Torque settings
  • Capacaties
Lubricants and fluids
  • Qualities and viscosities
  • Safety related recall actions issued by OEM
Repair manuals
  • Automatic transmission level and drain / refill
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Semi-automatic transmission level and drain / refill
  • Clutch: removal/installation
  • Valve clearances
  • Injector: removal/installation
Repair times
  • Overlap technology
  • Standard labour times
  • Follow-up work
  • Links to generic parts
Truck and trailer configurator
  • Create your own truck / trailer configuration from scratch
  • Save truck and / or trailer configurations
  • Transmission database
  • Axle database
Technical drawings
  • Torque settings
  • Links to generic parts