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Portable Common Rail Diesel Test Kit

Portable Common Rail Diesel Test Kit

Portable Common Rail Diesel Test Kit

£495.00 + VAT
P/No. : crdi
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Common rail diesel systems are rapidly increasing in the market, with all new diesel vehicles being equipped with a Common rail diesel system there is an increasing opportunity for you to offer a test and repair facility.These systems run at extreme pressures and require exact settings to operate at optimum efficiency.

Testing and repair of a common rail fuel system requires special diagnostic tools to carry out the necessary tests and confirm areas where faults exist.

The CRDi provides accurate diagnostics of many areas of the diesel fuel system essential to correctly diagnose where faults exist. Modern vehicles are equipped with onboard self test facilities which can be read by many scan tools, however, this does not cover the mechanical parts of the system such as the fuel supply lines. Also, before replacing diesel injectors or pumps it is advisable to carry out additional checks to confirm the diagnosis.

The CRDi provides accurate diagnosis of many areas of the diesel fuel system including injector leak back and imbalance, high pressure pump results and low pressure or vacuum supply lines and primer pumps. The CRDi covers Delphi and Bosch fuel systems on a huge range of vehicles and comes complete with all necessary parts to connect to the vehicle.


  • Bosch & Delphi compatibility
  • Identify faulty components
  • Carry out on-vehicle testing
  • Measures injector back leakage
  • Measures pump high pressure
  • Tests low pressure fuel supply system
  • Tests vacuum fuel supply system
  • Tests pressure control valve
  • Confirmation of diagnostic fault codes
  • Non-invasive electrical connecting

Function Tests

Injector Back Leakage
  • Carry out both static and dynamic tests
  • Measure volume of back leak on injector to test for abnormal levels or excessive signs of wear
  • Diagnose injection imbalance by comparing individual injector volumes
Low Pressure Tests
  • Carry out low pressure test with gauge supplied in fuel line between tank and high pressure pump
  • Tests operation of electric fuel pump, supply pipework and filter system for blockage
Vacuum Tests
  • Carry out vacuum test with gauge supplied in fuel line between fuel tank and high pressure pump
  • Test vacuum ability of high pressure pump, fuel lines and filtration system for operation or blockage
High Pressure Tests
  • Carry out tests on high pressure pump to ensure correct pressure delivery and the availability of maximum pressure
  • Tests operation and outputs of high pressure pump, pressure sensor and pressure regulator valve

Kit Contents

  • Tool Case
  • High Pressure Gauge Set
  • Adapter Connectors (Delphi Old, Delphi New, Bosch)
  • Low Pressure Gauge
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Plug (For Bosch)
  • Plug (For Delphi)
  • Ford Adapters (x4)
  • Dummy Resistor
  • Connection Adapter (x2)
  • Connection Adapter with Hose (x2)
  • Fuel Filter Plug (x2)
  • Dust Cap
  • Flask & Holder
  • Injector Return Hose Adapter (x8)
  • Gauge Connection Tube
  • Flushing Tube (x8)
  • Block Tube


CRDI Manual


High pressures are developed in Common Rail systems. Necessary precautions should be taken.

Dirt particles introduced into the fuel system can damage pumps and injectors. Ensure you always carry out repairs in a clean environment.