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Program Your Way to Success

Program Your Way to Success

Want to add new revenue & profits for your business?

Looking for new niche services to offer your customers ?

Want to offer cutting edge diagnostics ?

Fed up of saying "Sorry I cant do that.. you’ll need to take it elsewhere?"

Unlock new revenue for your business

Hickleys, the diagnostic specialist, is explaining the opportunities in two exciting services at presentations being held around the country throughout the year. These short info bite presentations will detail the opportunities, explain the procedures, discuss the equipment required and reveal the rapid payback scenarios available.

Each evening is split into two short presentations that enable you to consider whether one or both new services will offer you an opportunity to develop a new skill and enhance your income.

Presentation One

Unlocking the key to success! - an explanation of the opportunities with key & remote programming

Presentation Two

Latest diagnostic programming & coding using DTS Connect remote diagnostic solutions

Key & Remote Programming Services

Key & Remote Programming Services

The ability to copy or program vehicle keys and remotes adds additional business to service and diagnostic garages, car sales and main dealers, plus key cutters and auto locksmiths.

The evening presentation will explain the equipment required, the technical backup available and the methods used, offering a new service to your existing or potential customers.

Using the Smart Pro or Zed-FULL key programming and cloning diagnostic testers, payback scenarios of as little as 7 months (or 30 key programs) can easily be achieved. Purchases using lease terms can introduce you to immediate profits as the equipment is paid for from the profit earned.

The presentations include a look at the key programming equipment, the low cost tools available, the huge range of keys and remotes available on a next day service and the full range of backup services included in the proposal.

DTS Connect Remote Diagnostic Solutions

DTS Connect Remote Diagnostic Solutions

"That will need to go to the dealer…" A phrase that sends shivers down the spine of an aftermarket workshop. That one sentence alone costs aftermarkets ££££'s of pounds per year in lost revenue.

DTS Connect remote diagnostic solution allows you to keep those complex diagnostic and coding jobs in house without the need for dealer or specialist support. An affordable answer to your diagnostic and coding problems.

The evening presentation will explain how this cutting edge diagnostic service operates, explores the huge range of diagnostic & coding procedures available and details the costs involved and the revenue opportunities quickly achievable.


The presentations will be held at the following locations:

Farington Lodge Hotel
Stanifield Lane, Farington, Preston. PR25 4QR
Wednesday 19th June 2024
5:00pm - 8:30pm
Clayton Hotel Leeds
City Walk, Sweet St, Leeds. LS11 9AT
Thursday 20th June 2024
5:00pm - 8:30pm

How Can I Attend?

To attend these presentations it is essential that you reserve your place as soon as possible as numbers are strictly limited.

To apply, please fill in the form below, or call Nicky Summers on 01823 328604.

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