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PicoScope 4-Channel Advanced Kit

PicoScope 4-Channel Advanced Kit
£2995.00 + VAT
P/No. : picopq180

PicoScope 4-Channel Advanced Kit

New PicoScope 4425A for active diagnostics

Our exciting new PicoBNC+® probe connectivity, unique to PicoScope 4225A and 4425A oscilloscopes, provides you with:

  • Channel status lights to show you which probes and channels to connect and their status when you load a data file or guided test
  • Smart probe interfacing so that all your probe configuration takes place in the software - no more incorrect probe switch positions!
  • Powered probes that are always on and ready to go - no more flat batteries, current clamp zeroing, or auto-off!
  • Future-proofing of your diagnostic capabilities as we develop new probe technologies.
  • Full backwards-compatibility with BNC for all your existing PicoScope or third-party probes

The 4-Channel Automotive Advanced Kit (PQ180) contains the following items:

60 A AC/DC BNC+ Current Clamp 1
2000 A AC/DC BNC+ Current Clamp 1
BNC+ Temperature Probe 1
2 Pin Breakout Lead 1
Maxi Fuse Breakout 1
BNC+ Premium Test Leads 4
J-case Fuse Breakout 1
Premium 6-way Breakout Lead Set 1
Breakout Lead 2 Pin ACS 1
Standard (ATC) Fuse Extension Lead 1
Mini (ATC) Fuse Extension Lead 1
BNC+ Secondary Ingition Pickup 4
BNC+ COP and Signal Probe 1
BNC+ Resistance Test Lead 1
HT Extension Lead 4
Flexible Backpinning Probe (Red) 4
Flexible Backpinning Probe (Black) 4
BNC+ 10:1 Scope Leads 2
Multimeter probe (Black) 2
Multimeter probe (Red) 2
Backpinning Probe Set 1
Small crocodile / gator clip (Red) 2
Large Dolphin / Gator Clip (Black) 1
Large Dolphin / Gator Clip (Red) 1
Small crocodile / Gator clip (Black) 2
Battery Clip (Red) 2
Battery Clip (Black) 2
Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Detector 1
S-hook 2
Shrouded to unshrouded (Red) 4
USB Cable 1.8m 1
4.5m USB Cable 1
Carry Case 1