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Air Brake NanoLeak Finder

Air Brake NanoLeak Finder

Air Brake NanoLeak Finder

The Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ quickly tests and precisely diagnoses high pressure Air Brake, Air Suspension, and Air Powered Accessory System Leaks with 100% reliability.

Test: With a simple, 1-minute test cycle, the Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ will flash a clear green/red, pass/fail light indicator for fool proof testing, regardless of technician and truck variables.

Find: The patent pending technology creates a signature air, that in conjunction with the NanoLeak™ Handheld Leak Locator, pinpoints the precise location of all air brake and air powered system leaks instantly.

Accuracy: Only the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ can tell you with 100% certainty whether a vehicle, tractor or trailer meets US DOT Standards or risks being take out of service.

Simplicity: Engineered with safety in mind, even a relatively inexperienced technician can reliably test every vehicle, quickly pinpoint the site of the problem with 100% certainty, freeing more experienced techinicians to make repairs.

Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ comes with a complete professional accessory kit including:

  • One detachable 12V DC Power Cable (97-0164/B)
  • Two OEM-Approved NanoLeak Solution 8 fl. oz. (96-0761)
  • 1/4" NPT Outlet Hose Adapter (male thread) (11-0061) used to access wet tank at drain/plug port (2 included)
  • Gladhand Adapter - Emergency Side (96-0753)
  • Gladhand Adapter - Service Side (96-0754)
  • NanoLeak™ Handheld Leak Locator (96-0116) - used to detect minute amounts of NanoLeak Signature Air
  • all inside a durable plastic case.

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Air Brake NanoLeak Finder™ offers the following features:

  • Quickly tests and precisely locates high pressure Air Brake, Air Suspension, and Air powered system leaks with 100% reliability
  • Utilizes test pressure up to 9.3 BAR (up to 135 psi)
  • Professional grade equipment comes with all accessories needed to work
  • Runs on compressed air and 12V DC
  • Weighs only 8.16 Kg (18 lbs)   


Air Brake NanoLeak Finder Manual