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HGV Fleet Leak Detection Machine

HGV Fleet Leak Detection Machine
£2495.00 + VAT
P/No. : smokehgvfleet

HGV Fleet Leak Detection Machine

The HGV Fleet is the latest in high pressure smoke leak detector from the industry leading Redline Detection.

The HGV Fleet, as the name suggests, is designed and proven for commercial or fleet applications. The machines ability to produce high volumes of dense, high pressure vapor make it perfect for larger applications such as Truck and Bus.

Testing with pressures up to 20PSI allows you find leaks that otherwise may not be apparent if using a low pressure or ambient tester. Variable pressure means the HGV Fleet is safe to use on low pressure systems too; simply set the built in regulator to adjust the testing pressure as required, giving you full flexibility and the ability to test the widest range of systems.

Supplied with a 1.9" Power intake that will inflate to suit most applications. Other size intake adaptors are available as optional accessories if required.

Daylight Spectrum LED Cordless light (PN 185)

Bright white beam finds even the tiniest wisps of vapor under the hood or chassis

AC Power Cable (20-0010-UK)

Use with AC Power. Cable must be rated to match input voltage and plug configuration

OEM-Approved Smoke Producing Fluid ( 96-0039] S ft. oz. (237 ml)

Vapor Producing Fluid will perform over 500+ typical tests per bottle Important Contains NO Dye/ Contaminants.

Hex Key (80-0009)

To remove/ replace fluid fill plug

PowerSmoke Adaptor 1.9 in. (10 cm) Diameter (95-0086)

Inflatable block off bladder with a pressurized vapor

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 10 in x 11 in x 14 1/2 in (25 cm x 28 cm x 37 cm)
Weight 19 lbs. (8.5 kg)
Shipping - Weight 41 lbs. (18.5 kg)
Shipping - Dimensions 20 in x 15 in. x 24 in. (51 cm x 38 cm x 61 cm)
Power Supply 110-230V AC or 12V DC
Compressed Air (Clean, Ory) 150 PSI Max (10.34 bar)
Output Pressure 2 to 20 PSI (0.14 to 1.4 BAR)
Operating Temperature 0° F to 140° F (-17° C to 60° C)
Operating Humidity No Restrictions
Operating Altitude No Restrictions
Vapor Output Hose 15 ft. (5 m)
Operating Modes Vapor Cycle / Air Only Cycle
Enclosure Material Sheet Steel, Powder Coated
Vapor Chamber Materials Billet Aluminum & Steel
Vapor Chamber Assembly Bolted
Vapor Chamber Warranty Lifetime
Warranty 1 Year


Description Price  
Smoke Producing Fluid (960009) £18.49
Power Intake 1.5" (950080) £229.00
Power Intake 1.9" (950086) £279.00
Power Intake 2.9" (950081B) £329.00
Power Intake 3.9" (950083B) £399.00
Power Intake 1.5" Replacement Rubber Bladder (100034) £59.95
Power Intake 1.9" Replacement Rubber Bladder (100031) £69.95
Power Intake 2.9" Replacement Rubber Bladder (100035) £79.95
Power Intake 3.9" Replacement Rubber Bladder (100032) £89.95
Power Intake Blanking Adaptor (960084) £34.00
Smoke Meister Wand 3 Pce (960088) £149.00
Smoke Meister Wand Tip (960094) £65.00
Smoke Coolant Adaptor (960086) £69.00