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Beissbarth G.90 HD Pro Wheel Balancer

Beissbarth G.90 HD Pro Wheel Balancer

Truck wheel balancing machine with diagnostic function

  • Mechanical clamping
  • Automatic measuring arm
  • 19" touchscreen
  • Inner line laser
  • Wheel guard with sonar for steel and aluminum wheels
  • Height-adjustable flange
  • Height deviation sonar
  • Hub matching

Diagnostic wheel balancing machine for buses and trucks with height-adjustable flange

Height-adjustable flange:

  • Easy clamping with the wheel on the ground instead of mid-air
  • No separate wheel lift required
  • Slide with only 59mm build height enables easier lateral movement

Measurement and balancing:

  • Balancing of truck wheels in 8 seconds
  • Wheel stopping in exact position via electromagnetic brake
  • LED for enhanced visibility when placing weights
  • Inner line laser for precise weight positioning
  • Split program for dividing and hidden attachment of weights behind the spokes

Detection of wheel data:

  • Automatic measuring arm for distance and diameter measurement and weight placement
  • Extended measuring arm up to 32" rim diameter
  • Automatic selection of clip-on or adhesive weight program
  • Highest measurement accuracy ±0.5g

Wheel guard with integrated sonar:

  • Automatic detection of wheel width for steel and aluminum wheels
  • No manual input required with measuring gauge
  • Balancing program starts automatically upon closing the wheel guard

19" touchscreen monitor:

  • Graphical representation of all processes
  • Simplifies correct balancing with guided workflows
  • Operable even with gloves

Quick clamping:

  • Mechanical clamping with quick clamping nut
  • Stable 40mm shaft
  • Handles wheel weights up to 200kg

Pro version with diagnostic function:

  • Automatic runout measurement during each balancing operation
  • Hub matching: eliminates vibrations by rotating the tire on the wheel
  • Eliminates even the finest vibrations without the need for expensive load rollers

Included in the delivery:

  • Quick lock nut
  • Clamping sleeve
  • Spacer
  • 300g counterweight
  • Weight pliers
  • Measuring gauge

Technical Data

Max. wheel diameter 54.3" | 1380mm
Weight 210 kg
Shaft diameter 40 mm
Measuring speed 130 rpm
Measuring time 8s Car / 20s Truck
Display 19" Industrial Touchscreen
Max. rim width 20 "
Rim diameter max. 30 "
Wheel weight max. 200 kg
Length 2300 mm
Height 2195 mm
Power supply 230 V | 50 - 60 Hz | 1 ph
Width 1760 mm
Motor power 1,1 kW
Rim diameter min. 10 "
Balancing accuracy +/- 1 g
Packaging length 1800 mm
Packaging width 1130 mm
Packaging height 1827 mm
Country of Origin, customs IT
Min. rim width 1,5 "
Balancing accuracy truck +/- 10 g
Wheel data recording semi-automatic
Stackable 1 Piece(s)
Units per 20ft container 4 Piece(s)
Units per 40ft container 9 Piece(s)


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