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Dama HDMB916 Wheel Balancer

Dama HDMB916 Wheel Balancer

Dama HDMB916 Wheel Balancer

An automatic electronic wheel balancer with auto settings & multiple operating modes to position the weight.

Automatic diagnostic function.

Suitable for any type of aluminium rim from 10-24" and only takes 8 seconds to balance.

Price includes delivery and installation.

Only £1795.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdmb916
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  • Multiple balancing modes
  • Automatic calibration program
  • Automatic diagnosis funtion
  • Suitable for aluminum rims
  • Hidden weight funtion
  • Automatic measurement (distance and diameter)

Technical Specification

Max Wheel Weight 65Kg
Motor Power 180W
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Accuracy +/-1 g
Rotating Speed 200rpm
Position Accuracy 1.5°
Balancing Time 8 secs
Rim Diameter 10" - 24" (256mm - 610mm)
Noise 70 db
Shaft Diameter 40mm


  • Rim width measuring caliper
  • Wheel weight hammer
  • Quick release nut
  • Bowl and bowl edge
  • Standard weight 100g for calibrating
  • 4 standard cones 42-65, 54-78, 74-108, 89-140


Dama HDMB916 Wheel Balancer


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