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Bosch FWA4630+ 3D Wheel Alignment

Bosch FWA4630+ 3D Wheel Alignment
P/No. : bosfwa4630
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Bosch FWA4630+ 3D Wheel Alignment

Modern vehicle systems are continually being developed – chassis and suspension are no exception. As such wheel alignment equipment has also had to develop to provide for continuously advancing technology. Along with the right equipment, technicians need accurate, up-to-date information to ensure the correct settings are being applied. With this in mind the new generation of wheel alignment systems from Bosch have been developed to meet both criteria.

Measuring options:

  • Total toe (front axle + rear axle)
  • Partial toe (front axle + rear axle)
  • Camber
  • Wheel offset (front axle + rear axle)
  • Driving angle between axles
  • After-run
  • Kingpin angle
  • Relative steering angle Only for standard alignment
  • After-run correction range
  • Lateral offset left/right
  • Wheel track differential
  • Axle offset (front axle + rear axle)
  • Steering wheel angle max. Steering wheel angle not possible for all vehicles
  • Wheel base differential

The check is carried out on cars and light trucks with a weight of up to 3.5 t and a wheel base of 180 cm to 340 cm (wheel alignment is possible on vehicles up to 430 cm using larger boards at the rear, which are available as special accessories.

Use in automobile workshops and tire service centers with a high throughput of wheel alignments.


  • OEM recommendations worldwide
  • Vehicle specs database: as standard with over 150 vehicle manufacturers (approx. 40,000 data sets) including adjustment diagrams – directly from the vehicle manufacturer
  • Maximum operational efficiency thanks to a choice of three measurement routines: program-guided, quick alignment, random access for testing of individual values
  • Device components are designed to be extremely easy to use.
  • ISO certification of testing station through calibration in the field.
  • Simple, intuitive operation, including for workshop staff without specialist knowledge of wheel alignment and the simple runout compensation means it can be performed by just one person.
  • Software: maximum efficiency thanks to a choice of three measurement routines: program-guided, quick alignment or random access for testing of individual values.
  • Extremely short wheel alignment time: three minutes to printout of results. As the image capture frequency is very high, measurements can be taken almost in real time.

The steering wheel angle for the after-run angle, kingpin angle, and relative steering angle is determined using cameras. Total steering wheel angle measurement depending on the distance up to 50° performed using cameras.

  • The mobile device is easy to stow in vehicles and quick to use (short setup times) and can be employed out and about at different testing stations.
  • Robust trolley for the most important components: Control system computer, TFT monitor, color printer, all recording devices practically stowed
  • Simple and flexible user software

Technical Specification

Power supply 110 - 240 V AC (10 A)
Voltage 10 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 500 W
Trolley with sensor head (W x H x D) 1520 x 1180 x 770 mm
Trolley without sensor head (W x H x D) 1520 x 880 x 770 mm
Sensor head (W x H x D) 150 x 370 x 650 mm
Sensor head weight 9.3 kg
Total weight 110 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • Trolley with PC, keyboard and printer
  • Monitor 27”
  • 2x 3D 6-stereo camera sensor heads
  • 3D sensor head, measurement panels (4 x), measuring box
  • Brake tensioner
  • Steering wheel brace
  • 4 x Multi-fit clamps (including standard claws)
  • 16 x special multi-fit claws
  • 2 x mech. Aluminium turnplates
  • 4 x plastic filling pieces
  • Lift adapter, 3D cable set (15m), magnetic holder, reomote control and trolley cover
  • Software



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