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Dama HDMA3D3000 3D Wheel Alignment

Dama HDMA3D3000 3D Wheel Alignment

Dama HDMA3D3000 3D Wheel Alignment

The new Dama DMA3D3000 3D Wheel alignment system offers the very latest in high definition 3D technology, producing highly accurate and repeatable results thanks to the high quality camera system and precise, but small target boards. This enables excellent results in all circumstances.

The easy to use software with comprehensive and updateable application list is intuitive to navigate and automatically takes you through a step by step quick test, offering quick test results in an amazing 3 minutes.

The system utilises a motorised camera boom, achieving perfect alignment to targets.

Special Offer
Normal Price £8495.00
£6995.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdma3d3000
Lease From £37.93 Per Week
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Return of Investment Calculator
Simply enter your technician labour cost per hour, how many wheel alignments you estimate you can do per day, and how much you charge for a wheel alignment, to see your return of investment calculated for you below.
Technician Labour Cost Rate Per Hour £
Estimated Number of Alignments Per Day
Price of Alignment (ex VAT) £
Measurement Time (mins)  
Max Adjustment Time (avg)  
Total Time (mins)  
Equipment List Price £
Payback Details
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Max Profit per Year  
5 Year Income  
7 Year Income  

HDMA3D2000M - Mobile Version

Dama HDMA3D2000M 3D Wheel Alignment

All the fantastic features of the HDM3D2000M, however, this unit is specifically designed to be used on a pit or on the floor. It has a lower mast to enable the wheel alignment and adjustments to be carried out at floor level without loss of communication.

£8999.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdma3d2000m
Lease From £48.80 Per Week
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HDMA3D2000ML - Pit or Floor

Dama HDMA3D2000ML - Pit or Floor

The HDMA3D2000M mobile unit is ideal for customers that have limited space, want to use on dual revenue MOT bay lift or need to have the flexibility of using the equipment in multiple locations.

£10790.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdma3d2000ml
Lease From £58.52 Per Week
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  • LED postioning system for easy set up
  • Small and accuarte target boards
  • Excellent application list with rapid search and last tested review
  • Quick test in only 3 minutes
  • Step by step intuative software
  • Dynamic measurement
  • Live adjustments with on screen instructions
  • Colour coded pass / fail results
  • Before and after detailed printout of results
  • 10" to 21" wheel clamps
  • Windows 10 high spec PC with 19" LCD monitor
  • German technology
  • 24 months warranty
  • Includes delivery, installation, calibration and user training

Technical Specification

Wheel Clamp 11" - 25"
Monitor 19" LCD
Recommended Installation Distance 2000
Raised Mode Yes
Toe Curve Yes
Two Wheel Alignment Mode Yes
Track Width Measurement Yes
Wheelbase Measurement Yes

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