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Brain Bee Air-Nex 9350 Air Conditioning Station

5 Year Warranty Brain Bee Air-Nex 9350 Air Conditioning Station

Brain Bee Air-Nex 9350 Air Conditioning Station for R134a

The BrainBee AIR-NEX 9350 is the latest and most advanced air conditioning station for R134A that is packed with the latest features, is highly accurate and a fully automatic operation.

It benefits from digital control, high powered compressor and vacuum pump with a large 20l capacity.

Thanks to the inclusion of advanced features such as super charge, air purge, long life pump and ECO lock connections, this machine offers outstanding efficiency and accuracy.

The AIR-NEX is simple to use with intuitive graphics on a colour 7" tablet display that can automatically email the results or send straight to a remote printer.

Only £2620.00 + VAT
P/No. : airnex9350
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Key Features

  • Fully automatic operation
  • 7" high visibility touchscreen tablet display
  • Wi-fi enabled for remote test, repair & update
  • Vehicle database that auto updates
  • 20l storage
  • UV leak test facility
  • Super charge 100 per cent accuracy
  • Hybrid function
  • Oil care system, prevents moisture contamination
  • Air purge system
  • High precision vacuum
  • Eco locks for reduced gas loss.
  • Long life pump
  • Two year warranty extendable to five years
  • Agri and work database (optional)

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 700 x 750 x 1100 mm
  • Weight 85 kg
  • Reservoir capacity: 20 l
  • On board printer: optional
  • Gas identifier: optional

Super Charge

In all ambient conditions, the station is 100 % guaranteed to charge the system with the programmed quantity, irrespective of the temperature of the environment or engine – always at a constant speed and with clear energy savings

Air Purge System

Automatic monitoring of non-condensing gas: special software ensures that the purging of noncondensing gas is only recommended when actually necessary. This way, you can decide for yourself whether you wish to carry out this procedure, and always stay in complete control of the station

Oil Clean

The exclusive Oil Clean feature ensures that less refrigerant is needed to eliminate the old oil. What’s more, every day, from the first service to the last, exactly the right amount of oil is put in.


The HPV (High Precision Vacuum) reaches the required level of vacuum for the drying effect more quickly, saving energy.


ECO LOCK® is a patented feature that enables you to reduce the quantities of gas, ensuring your safety and greatly helping to protect the environment. The A/C station separates the air that normally gets into the refrigerant in the tank when it is connected to the vehicle. It then tests the vehicle connections for leaks before the end of the air conditioning service.

Long Life Pump

The special LONG-LIFE PUMP® feature extends the average life of the pump oil used in the station to up to 1,000 hours.

N-Leak Test

With the optional Nitrogen Kit, you can perform a leak test on the air conditioning system under pressure using nitrogen forming gas. The station software is prepared for this option as standard.

Agri & Work

Our AC stations are equipped with the special optional AGRI & WORK feature, making them the perfect assistant to all agricultural and construction machinery engineers. The agricultural machine database and a special multi-stage program optimise the recharging process and fine-tune it to the specific requirements of A/C units that are difficult to access using extended hoses.

Only £70.00 + VAT
P/No. : airnexawdb
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