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Continental FDP1070 Automatic Tyre Changer

Continental FDP1070 Automatic Tyre Changer

Automatic Tyre Changer

  • Automatic tyre changer for cars and light commercial vehicles, suitable for low profile and run flat tyre as well as for sport alloy rims.
  • Rim capacity from 12” to 26”.
  • Pneumatic control for up/down operating mounting head.
  • Thanks to a pneumatic system which raises the arm, the column can be lifted higher enabling this way to operate on wheels of 15’’ width.
  • Pneumatic tilting column by pedal control.
  • Variable rotation speed (motoinverter) by pedal control.
  • The bead breaker offers two different positions in order to facilitate the bead-breaking operations on wheels of all diameters.
  • Double acting bead breaker cylinder. 
  • Equipped with the special built-in device for tubeless inflation.
£6075.00 + VAT
P/No. : fdp1070
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Technical Data

Max wheel diameter

1100 mm (43")

Max wheel width

400 mm (15")

Outside locking capacity

12" - 24"

Inside locking capacity

15" - 26"

Working pressure

8 - 10 bar

Power supply

230V 50/60Hz 1ph

Bead breaker power

3000 Kg

Bead breaker max opening

390 mm

Rotation speed

6 - 12 rpm

Net weight

318 Kg

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