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Dama HDM588 Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

Dama HDM588 Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

Dama HDM588 Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

A very popular commercial vehicle electro hydraulic universal tyre changer for trucks, buses and industrial vehicles.

The large capacity takes tyres with a rim width of 14” to 26” and maximum diameter of 1500mm.

The heavy duty tyre changer is easy to operate with a movable control post and joystick, enabling the full process to be completed with ease, under control and in clear sight.

Price includes delivery and installation.

£5995.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdm588
Lease From £32.51 Per Week
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Technical Specification

Rim diameter Dimensions: 14” to 26”
Maximum weight of wheel

1500 kg

Maximum wheel width  

760 mm

Maximum wheel diameter

1500 mm

Motor Hydraulic Pump Power : 1.1kw 380v-3ph

1.8kw 380v-3ph

Operating Pressure

50-130 bar

Force exerted

Effective strength: 1500 Kg

Noise level


Net weight

561 kg


24 months


Dama HDM588 Heavy Duty Tyre Changer

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