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Dama HDM589 Commercial Tyre Changer

Dama HDM589 Commercial Tyre Changer

Dama HDM589 Commercial Tyre Changer

This fully automatic universal tyre changer has a huge capacity and is ideal for the largest truck, industrial, agricultural and earth moving vehicle. The wheel rim capacity covers 14” to 42” with a max rim width of 1050mm and tyre diameter of 2300mm.

An optional extension kit is available to take the maximum rim width to 52”. The double rotating speed, powerful motor and hydraulic pump and strong bead breaking power makes this tyre changer capable of the most demanding tyre changing job. Available in 3 phase 400v only

Price includes delivery and installation.

£6695.00 + VAT
P/No. : hdm589
Lease From £36.31 Per Week
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Technical Specification

Rim diameter Dimensions: 14” to 42”
Maximum weight of wheel

1600 kg

Maximum wheel width  

1050 mm

Maximum wheel diameter

2300 mm

Hydraulic Pump Power 400V / 3ph / 50Hz / 2.2KW

400V / 3ph / 50Hz / 2.2KW

Bead Breaking Power 3300KG
Noise level


Net weight

760 kg

Warranty 24 months


Dama HDM589 Commercial Tyre Changer

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